WEEDO-Women Empowering and Entrepreneurship Development Organization

First of all, our place is located in semi-urban, one of the benefits is to have experience in the village and the city at the same time, we are close to the beach, It's only less than 40 minutes to be at the Dar es salaam city center. We have more than 20 and less than 30 girls in the center, Our staff speaks good English and they are so kind. For us volunteering is not only about working but also learning and experiencing other cultures, can be able to visit some local traditional houses and community and you can be able. Our staffs are so kind, committed and trustworthy. we offer an outreach program whereby our guests will get an opportunity to visit several families to share and exchange ideas about life, sport, and the way of living this includes culture and traditions. it's easy to make new friends and expand your network.

We are friendly, committed, trustworthy, and hard work, we are available 24/7 to guide and give assistance to our guests. we are happy to give explanations or clarification over issues that are not understandable.


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My experience at Weedo and living with Rehema was incredible. I got to meet so many beautiful, young and strong girls that are eager to learn. They showed me what it is like to live in Tanzania and to be a part of their culture. Every girl that I met is searching for a better future and being a part of that was amazing. I recommend this volunteering experience to anyone, especially when it is your first time. The people are kind and so helpful. Thank you Rehema and all other Weedo girls!

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Rehema is an amazing woman and host, she is kind, open-minded, very respectful and smart. She works hard to provide a brighter future for the girls of her organization and is genuinely happy when there is a new opportunity for these girls to improve themselves and be actors of the future. I had the most wonderful time teaching English to these girls, we played, laughed, and learned from each other. I felt a true connection with them, they are so special! Working with an NGO such as WEEDO is serious, but it is also so humanly enriching. This first volunteering made me grow; I am so grateful!

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My experience at weedo has been incredibly rich humanly. I shared the daily life of Rehema and 8 girls in the house: mutual aid, solidarity, generosity on a daily basis. I participated in the development of a weedo presentation document, the taking of photos/videos and communication on Weedo's social networks, in the creation of fundraising for the association. Rehema was at the top with me. This first volunteering more than made me want to make others...

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I couldn't have chosen a better african experiente! Rehema, host and owner of WEEDO, is a strong woman with incredible ideas and an example to be followed. All social volunteering experiences should be in local NGOs like hers: with a strong foundation and the goal of helping and empowering others in the long run, not just remedying problems momentarily. The program has a variety of activities. So, no matter what your specialty, you can certainly both contribute and learn together. And be sure to experience Tanzanian life as it is, a unique and enriching experience.

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WEEDO is a great organisation where I could share any sills I was good in it. As a conputer scientist I had the chance to teach computer casses, video editing and we started to creat a website. The hospitality from he host was exceptional. I recommend it for any worlpacker it is a interesting expirience.

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