Whithorn Lodge

We are very rural offering peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of life. We have a smallholding with Alpacas, Sheep, Pigs, chickens, two cats and a dog. We have a slower pace of life and are close to the sea. There are many walks and small towns to explore either by bus or bicycle. We have been hosting for 7 years and enjoy the interaction of different cultures. We will need a certificate of good conduct as we have vulnerable children.

Travelers will be treated as part of the family, the accommodation is a large static caravan but toilet and washing is in the house. You will eat with the family and we will take you out with us when we are going to nearby villages. The caravan offers you some private space but you are always welcome in the house.


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They are a comprensive family, i'm really gratefull with this place.

hace 1 día



I owe immense gratitude to Chris and Suzie. They welcomed me into their family and treated me like their own. I did tasks like gardening, repairs, painting, and sometimes animal care and cleaning in the mornings, leaving the rest of the day free. They ensured the work was manageable and appropriate. The food was delicious and ample. On my days off, they were helpful, offering advice and preparing lunches for my biking tours. This rural area is perfect for anyone seeking quality time in nature and meaningful work.

Thank you so much, Suzie and Chris! I'll miss you and hope to see you again.

hace 20 días



Great opportunity to know the country side of Scotland and get in touch with nature and farm animals.
Suzie and Chris were always making sure that I was happy with the task and their family dynamics.
Thanks for teaching me about gardening and all those puddings!

hace 2 meses



Thank you so much Suzie and Chris for the hospitality and good deal. I felt at home, was a amazing experience for me where I improve so much my English especially the listening and new vocabulary about gardening and farms.
The tasks were simple and adjusted to the weather. The food was delicious, I tried Scottish tipicals food. There are a lot of amazing places nearby for explore by foot or bicycle.
I totally recommend this experience.

hace 3 meses



My stay at the Withorn Lodge was overall nice. Since I stayed in my own van, I can not say anything about the provided accommodation, but the trailer looks big and nice from the outside.
Suzie is a lovely and educated woman, she and her husband are very helpful with whatever you need.
Tasks were mostly gardening, easy to do and adjusted to the Scottish weather.

hace 9 meses

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