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We look for enthusiast, positive social travelers, to join our exchange Help&Stay program. We are an international family of travelers and crew involved into the developing of hostelling, farming and cultural projects. Thanks to travelers and volunteers from all over the world our Family is special, top-friendly and seriously involved in the aim to create and share with the local community of friends and global community of backpackers a unique, top-friendly, global and local experience. In addition to our hostel and farm activities we activate and develop social tourism, cross-cultural, anti-racist projects here at Zagarolo and also in Milano, where we still develop projects thru our Patchanka Network organisation, the place where originally we met and began our Wiki Hostel Family adventure, on 2011 … but that’s another story … Visit

“We are a passionated crew, rated as WORLD TOP FRIENDLY by customers like you”... Welcome we are the Wiki Hostel Crew : staff + local and international volunteers … … plus our Wiki cats and Lola our super sweet black lab! Together with the Crew of our Farming Organic Project Pantasema we work hard to give our best to you our guest & friend. We hope you will join us & the intercultural activities having with us and the other fellow customers a real Top-Friendly experience Visit


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It was neat, met many people from several countries, specially Brasil, I think I gained some weight because of the food hehe, sure there were funny moments for sure! A new environment which is about having your own space even though there may be peers, no strain man just go with the flow!
Thanks Lucas and Ulia ;)



It was a life experience! Totally recommended! Wiki hostel is a family which offers you experiences, knowledge and a looooot of fun with amazing people!! I will be back for sure the next months.



My best experience in the last few years...The hostel is well locate, beautiful and in here i feel a real taste of family, (The Pizza Party is just awesome, social & Vegan dinner is just fantastic and the pasta party on Mondays is just something special, Zagarolo is just a charming and cozy city...A Big Thank You to all the Volunteers&Staff&Guest (Gus, Mateus, Fer, Franklin, Giedre, Camino, Domi, Agne, Teo, Lipe, Pepe, Micky, Giulia, Veronica, Rosie...Forever in my heart ( Papa Aldo, Chrys, Carol, Steph, Luke and Brannah...In the end a Big Thank you for Ulia and Luca. Wiki is Top....PISCINAAaA



100% recomendado. Una experiencia INCREÍBLE. Si t nos la oportunidad, aprovecharla por qué merecerás la pena! Un lugar mágico y acogedor que t hará sentir cómo en casa. Encontré una Preciosa familia a la cual ya echo de menos! El trabajo es sencillo y el tiempo pasado allí inolvidable.

Os extraño mucho, gracias por todo! Nos vemos pronto.



The place is amazing and the staff is very friendly. The events every night are so fun and perfect to know other people. I loved to stay there


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