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Pintura y Decoración Personal de Mantenimiento Jardinería Limpieza

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Jardinería Mano de Cocina Promotor de Fiestas Limpieza

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This experience was one of the best of my life ! The atmosphere and the energy there is so unique, friendly and positive that I did not want to leave ! I just loved it and recommend it with no doubt :D LOve to the whole staff of Wiki ! I'll come back !
Jo l'Indigo

3 meses atrás


My experience in wiki hostel was very good! The place in the middle of trees is relaxing and fun! Is near of Rome and the hostel is amazing..
I recomend it!

1 año atrás


A place to feel like family with the people who work here, maybe at some point a little stressful, but it surpassed with some of the volunteers and the people of the Wiki.

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