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Travelers will greatly benefit from volunteering with us. We are very close to everything in Hilo and have so much to offer. Our staff also have access to a shared vehicle, and we absolutely love sharing tips about traveling around Hawaii.

We have created a wonderfully comfortable and fun environment. Our team members can expect to be treated with kindness and respect at all times. We work collectively as a team to create a unique and beautiful Hawaii experience. There is a very relaxed and light work environment, and we strive to ensure our volunteers greatly benefit from their time here.

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Because of Lee and Jason’s generosity, I experienced the beauty of Hawaii and formed friendships that will last forever. For this, I am grateful and do not regret my trip. I cannot in good conscience allow another girl to end up in the hotel without a few words: the owners are not on the premises; the atmosphere wholly depends on group dynamics. There are bacterial and viral infections that spread rapidly if one girl is unhygienic. But I like to believe the German Cockroaches, rats, and termites in the walls are all best friends. If you go on this trip, don’t forget your autonomy/common sense.

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I hade an amazing experience at the Wild Ginger getting to live with an amazing group of girls. The hotel is old an filled with a lot of history. The garden is absolutely beautiful and, you get to see allot of island grown fruit. I loved being able to explore with it. The owners doesn’t live on the island anymore but they provide everything we need and manage to keep good communication! Working at the hotel has made me learned allot about hospitality. I am truly glad that I have gotten this experience. And I have fallen in love with the island and all it’s beauty!

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The town of hilo is beautiful, and I had many fun experiences that i shared with friends that I met outside of the hotel. As for the hotel, it is not maintained. Hours and responsibilities were not communicated beforehand. The owners are not there either which is something that was also not communicated. This experience was not what I had expected it to be.

hace 15 días

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1. The experience is not as advertised: the owners are not here. You will be faced with tasks you would've never expected and that certainly weren't communicated
2. Health hazard: black mold in the shower & walls, constant ringworm, insect infestations, & the tools we use to cook our food sit in kitchen cabinets covered in rat poop & pee. The hotel has Ring cameras downstairs, but 0 security measures preventing someone from coming upstairs where you sleep. You will constantly deal with homeless and high people where you work/sleep. Big problems swept under the rug
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Our experience at the Wild Ginger Hotel was truly exceptional. The hotel is super close to the city, buses and beaches so it's super easy to get around to things. We have learned a lot from working with other girls, and you get a very special bond with those you live with. The work is manageable, and you have plenty of hours for free time. There are lots of things and hidden gems in the area that have made a big impression on us! All in all, the warmest recommendations for Wild Ginger Hotel! Our hosts and the girls make it feel like home. hugs from Nanna and Lærke

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