Wild Spring Ranch

We come to this beautiful property in the middle of forrest almost 3 years ago, the land was not touched for 30 years after the war. We are cleaning everything by ourselves, little by little and still have a lot to do.

We have a little garden that is for use of our helpers and us. We like sustainable living. We have composting toilets with sawdust. We are located 15km from our famous Nacional Park "Plitvice Lakes" , landmark Baracs caves only 3km, Rastoke waterfalls 19km, Stari Grad Drežnik Tower and many more beautiful places.


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I personally would not recommend this volunteer experience to another traveller.
Made me feel very unwelcome, confused and uncomfortable at times. I won’t go into detail but if you have any questions, message me.

hace 12 días



This was a bad experience. The people working here were so unpleasant. Our accommodation was far from good(disgusting kitchen, broken fireplace). The work was okay, but sometimes there were extra tasks, so we ended up working the whole day and we barely got days off. Noah, who lived in the same "house" was rude and not welcoming at all. She blamed us for everything that went wrong but we did our work right and the best we could. She gave no explanation about anything but then got mad when we did something the wrong way. Me and Tess tried to make the best out of it, but we left a week early.

hace 28 días



This was my first Worldparkers, I applicated for other opportunities, so it was the only one that accepted to receive me at their ranch so I was very happy and I had a great time there, I hope to be able to return in the future.

hace 2 meses



Thank you Petra and Noa for everything.. it was great and new experience for me.. first time at a farmhouse.. Thank you for showing us around.. taking us on horse and buggy rides and letting us meet your friends.. overall it was great experience..

hace 2 meses



Petra was really nice and welcoming. She made sure I had everything that I need throughout my stay with food or going in the city for things. The work it self was really reasonable and not too demanding with free time during the day considering it was the off season. She made me feel welcome and made sure we all work well together to create a good chemistry between the volunteers. It was a wonderful experience to work with all the animals and I will definitely go back in the future:))

hace 2 meses

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