Wild & Wandering / Backpacker Social Experience Group

We are a small collection of hostels & bars on the tropical island paradises of Koh Phangan Thailand. Famously casual and social, we are known for treating our guests as friends and all socializing and partying together! The volunteers we look for need to be responsible and dependable to handle basic hostel duties by day, but also social and fun partiers that will enjoy hanging out with guests and partying at night! *****We get TONS of requests, so we had to automate our process. Please cut and paste this in your message to us, or our system will not see your volunteer request. Name: Nickname?: From What Country: How Many People: Male/Female: Arrival Date (DAY/MONTH/YEAR - if this format is wrong, we won't see your application!): Departure Date (DAY/MONTH/YEAR): ANSWER Y for YES or N for NO​ Flexible: Handyman Skills: Morning Person: Night/Party Person:

We are a very relaxed and casual bunch, operating in organized chaos. We are ALL here for the love of travel, backpacking, and living in paradise, no one's in it for the money here! I should warn, we have wicked and dirty senses of humor and communicate for work and fun via group chat that gets pretty wild, not for the faint of heart! We've been lucky to find guys and girls that can keep up with our craziness!


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Great place to party and to spend the time. really close to Haad Rin that is the Full Moon Party beach, although is kind of a misorganized place that demands mainly of self interest in participating of the tasks and understanding how it works. If you're really into partying and meeting new people that's, for sure, an awesome place to be.



It is what it says: a social experience group right in the center of the craziest party island in the world. You should come here expecting daily parties, a lot of night-outs and loads of fun
The work is very unstructured because of the nature of the place: once a month during the full moon week you have crazy crowds while other weeks are pretty mellow in comparison. This is a very unique experience which you'd probably not get anywhere else.
The acco is basic but sufficient. Loren is absolutely amazing!
Also, you not get complementary breakfast, so keep that in mind while budgeting



Estuvo bien. Mis compañeros voluntarios y el staff Thai suuuuuper buena onda. Talvez el Hostel y/o las comodidades en si no eran lo que me esperaba yo, pero eso es muy personal. De todas formas pase unos días increíbles!! Gracias por todo Seba y BB!!



The 3 weeks that I have been in Wild & Wandering have been amazing! BB and Paduka are great people, always willing to help you. I had so much fun with all the volunteers and we had a lot of free time (after full moon) to visit all the island :)



The experience was super fan, I feel at home since the first second.
It's one off that messy but good places.
Rafa, Sofia and Vivi are the best!!
In full moon, we organize clean and prepare the rooms and after that it's more about be with the Gest and make them fell at home too.
I definitely recommend the experience.
If you are looking for a fancy place keep looking.


Perfecto para ti si estás buscando