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We are a small collection of hostels & bars on the tropical island paradises of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, Thailand. Famously casual and social, we are known for treating our guests as friends and taking groups out for dinner, drinks, bars, and clubs nightly! The volunteers we look for need to be responsible and dependable to handle basic hostel duties by day, but also social and fun partiers that will enjoy hanging out with guests and partying at night! *****We get TONS of requests, so we had to automate our process. Please cut and paste this in your message to us, or our system will not see your volunteer request. Name: Nickname?: From What Country: How Many People: Male/Female: Arrival Date (DAY/MONTH/YEAR - if this format is wrong, we won't see your application!): Departure Date (DAY/MONTH/YEAR): ANSWER Y for YES or N for NO​ Flexible: Handyman Skills: Morning Person: Night/Party Person:

We are a very relaxed and casual bunch, operating in organized chaos. We are ALL here for the love of travel, backpacking, and living in paradise, no one's in it for the money here! I should warn, we have wicked and dirty senses of humor and communicate for work and fun via group chat that gets pretty wild, not for the faint of heart! We've been lucky to find guys and girls that can keep up with our craziness!


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My experience was very good, I met very good people there and it's the most important for me. The shifts was super fine. I just think they could be more organised and should finish the contraction anyway I had a good time. Thanks guys!

9 meses atrás


I didn't complete my experience because the activities and the acommodation were not what I was expecting but the hostel is really nice for the guests and it's a very social place. The staff are always trying to entertain the guests and everyone goes out together.

casi 2 años atrás

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