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Wildhorse Ranch is: Wellness, Inspiration and Creativity, sharing culture through unique workshops & adventures, an educational, eco retreat center situated on 480 acres of sacred wildland. Guests come from all over the world to take part in wellness, leadership and learning. Horses and the land are the foundation of our programs with additional opportunities like: Food here is fresh and fabulous - lots of home grown permaculture items: fruit bushes, large veggie gardens, fruit trees, edible flowers, herbs, Enchanted Forest, Food forests and so much more. We have so much knowledge to share with you!

We are passionate about horses, nature and Living a life of Freedom. Life is meant to be fun, fulfilling and fabulous! We are always amazed and inspired by horses and the land! They enrich our lives, and teach us to slow down, step back and Be present. Our staff is treated like family, we create a community of like minded people who enjoy spending time working and playing together.


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Diane and Bear were not only incredibly giving and kind hosts, but also amazing horse people with a wealth of knowledge about horses, horsemanship, indigenous culture, and sustainable living. The food and accommodation were amazing and we learned so much about western riding and horsemanship. Overall, we would definitely recommend this experience to any individual looking to connect with nature and learn more about horses and indigenous culture.

hace 4 días

Diane respondido

Amelia was a great help on our ranch. She easily transferred her English riding skill to Western style and helped get many of our horses ready for the upcoming season. she is a very competent horsegirl! Amelia is friendly, gets along well with other volunteers, happy to help wherever she was needed. We really appreciated all she did while she was here! Highly recommend her!



Beautiful horses, stunning nature, delicious meals and interesting stories!! ✨🏇Had so much fun that I promised to be back at Wildhorseranch !! ❤️It was such a beautiful experience and I won’t forget what valuable lessons I’ve learned. Diane has such a big heart and I felt super appreciated for the work I did. I was so happy to do any tasks because most of them involved horses and the beautiful nature. I 110% recommend going to Wildhorseranch there is so much to learn and see!

hace 1 mes

Diane respondido

Ricky was a great help at the ranch. She did a lot of different horse chores and she became very good at handling horses. Ricky helped with girls who attended our horsecamp and was a stellar supervisor and helper for the camp! She has a big smile and is always willing to help out. We really enjoyed having her!



I’ve had the best days of my life at Wildhorse. Diane, Bear, their blessed lands and herd of horses are amazing hosts. The lessons your soul can learn here are beyond ordinary. I’m so grateful for being able to come and live so many life growth lessons. If you are an open hearted person, you should definitely come. This is my new safe place ✨🙌🏼

hace 8 meses

Diane respondido

Andrea I'm so glad you had such a great time here, it was a pleasure to have you join us! You connected to the horses and the land and recognized how important they both are to our personal wellness. Thank you for all your help in every aspect of ranch work. You were such a willing helper/assistant and great friend to us. Safe travels in your big journey!



I applied there because I thought was a holistic center but I didn't asked more information about it. It's a nice place to disconnect to the society and civilization but a very important thing you need to know it's that there is not Internet so I recommend to organize all your stuff before to go. Here in the app say that you work 5 days and then you get 2 off but doesn't work like that. Even so it's nice to be around animals and nature.

hace 8 meses

Diane respondido

Hey Aaron, in my info sheet that goes out before volunteers come I tell everyone that we have no wifi, we live in a poor service area and you need to get a cell phone plan to stay connected to your friends and family. Ranch life is different than most businesses as we are so weather dependent. So some weeks you don't get two days off in a row, it may be a Monday and Thursday, time off varies with the guests coming in and if the weather is bad. Some volunteers make plans once they arrive to rent a car for a weekend and we make sure they have time off when they want to go on a road trip. I'm glad you enjoyed the animals and the nature that is the incredible experiences that you get to have when you come here.



Diane really cares about her horses, and the ranch in general. She is a very kind person! I had a great time and I could ride few times even as a beginner ! Thank you for your hospitality

hace 10 meses

Diane respondido

Thanks for joining the Wildhorse Team. You helped out us immensely with the new gardens and with general ranch chores. Love your enthusiasm for life and working with plants. Happy Trails and best of luck!

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