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👋We have a free spot last minute from sunday 26 may or 3 june....👋

We are micro natural winery that produce wine from the beginning until the end. We have solar panels for our own electricity and solar panel for hot water( when is cloudy is not hot), and some vegetable gardens.
We are an Italian family that loves to be in contact with nature have share the meals break fast (Italian One coffe bread and jam) and work hard ad enjoy the life. We need people on behavior to work hard and good vibes to stay together 😉

We are Italian countryside family, we try to live straight contact with the nature in ecosustainable life. We produce our electricity with electric solar panels and hot water from solar panels in the summer and stove by woods fire in winter and heaters so every energy comes from our property. We produce wine from the ground to the bottle, you can see all the passages to produce a great bottle of wine. We barter the wine with other families in the same area to provide others stuff that we need, We produce wine for our family and local community. The most of the help are in the fields because we try to give less humans impact to nature use our naturals human energy and less machinery so this is really respectfully to the environment but in the same time mean a lot of time under the sun to work hard in the field👨‍🌾. In the winery the process is natural and happens in barrels during the winter in old method with few new technologies.🥂 we run a self sustainable community in the countryside where helpers are offered the opportunity to experience living in the Italian countryside and learning about the culture that exists here. We teach how to speak Italian, cook Italian food and about the local history and of course Learning about the production of wine and take care the plants. our helpers are treated like family (duties and pleasure) and enjoy the stay here as much as possible like a part of the family. please write in the message if you are interested about this. In my house in the same floor of mine, you can stay in a room share with other helpers with bathroom the room, the bathroom is just for us to clean and to provide your toilet paper, so treat it well, remember to keep clean and check if the shower drain well . We use solar panel for hot water in winter there are not problem but In late spring and summer we use only solar hot shower so in cloudy days is not hot... Thinking about when you apply here The food is included and we have a lunch, dinner,breakfast, together usually my mother cooking but she need someone to wash the dishes, pams and fire so after dinner one or two have to wash keep clean the kitchen. My father make bread and pasta fresca so you can help him and learning. If you have allergies (almost grass and pollen ) is better that you take with you yours pills because we live in countryside and it dusty and green You need to bring with you : clothes to brake and dirty, hat, confortable shoes and gloves with robber hand easy plastic boots(better in autumn and winter) . if is possible bed sheets for normal single bed otherwise we give you 😉. If is your first time farming and live in the country side there is no problem, all the people can learn how to do it, you need only hard motivation 😉. I'm a good teacher, very patience and i can explain the natural miracle that produce wine. we have some spare clothes to give you but not always available ,better bring your clothes to work because they run out soon and we have problem about the size. I'm sure all the people can learn how to do it, but you need to be motivated the days are repeating when there is the time, this is the plant need. We try to change job but sometimes is impossible 🤷‍♂️. Is very important that you think about the job and focus on the activity, is not the right place for open eyes dreamer, kind of artists, philosophers, aspiring models, aspiring actors, Instagram blogger, macho men, choosy people, lazy people. is a place for brainy and laborious people, it is physically demanding . This is the best gym ever if you are full of energy and hardworking, so every motivated person is welcome! We work real 5 hours and start when we start to work in the field If you did already some countryside activities, gardening, vegetables gardening and you like to be outdoor. Write It in your requests. Please if you looking for a place to pass the time, and you are not interested at all about farming and wine and you just count the time during the work wait for it to pass ,doesn't send me a request, will be waist of my and your time. we need to take care the wines plants put inside the wires the stemps, cut femminile, cut lower shouts,Replace death plants, plant trees and veggy, build the fence around the field against the deers, dig, Make well, cut the leaves, make and fix around the house. We have 3 rooms for volunteers and we share the meals lunch and dinner together, you can live as a family here and learn about wine. Usually we work in the morning or in the afternoon. I try to give the weekend off so like this work in the morning Friday and Monday afternoon so you can travel around the City Milano Genova Torino, cinque terre , Firenze Pisa, Bologna Padova and Venice If the week is too rain we can work in the weekend and have the day off during the week, I don't like it but sometimes is necessary, anyway after 5 days of work three are always 2 day off.

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My experience at Lorenzo's Wine Farm was incredible. I stayed for a good time and had the opportunity to feel like part of the family. I improved my Italian with Laura, Lorenzo's mother, and learned to cook pasta and focaccia with Peter, Lorenzo's father. Communication was always very clear, and they always made the volunteers feel at home. If you read his profile description, you will be no doubts or issues. Hot water at agreed times once a day, heavy work in the vineyard. But lots of good food, conversation, and fun. I can't wait to go back again. I really loved my experience. Thank you!

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Fue una experiencia muy gratificante. Lorenzo, Laura y Peter son personas excepcionales, me hicieron sentir como en casa. La comida tanto almuerzo como cena es muy buena y abundante. Sin embargo tengo que decir que hay algunas cosas a tener en cuenta, el agua caliente para poder tomar una ducha es a partir de cierto horario, antes solo podía tener ducha con agua fría. Respecto al trabajo son 5 horas y es un trabajo exigente bajo el sol, a veces en la lluvia y con barro. Mis tareas en estas semanas fueron legar plantas, zapar plantas baby y arrancar plantas viejas.

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My stay at the vineyard was really good! I met a lot of amazing people and it's a fun place to be with a good group. The work is hard so you have to be fit. You are well fed and the countryside is beautiful. The only thing is the house can be unclean but it's completely fine to live in and it's a farm so it's to be expected. Lorenzo, Peter and Laura are very welcoming and it feels more and more like home the longer you stay. I would definitely recommend it if you're willing to work hard and want to enjoy the countryside and I would love to come back sometime soon!

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Lorenzo respondido

Kooper is one of the best helper of this year I really can recommend him. Strong, smart, hard worker, in time and do everything in the best ways possible. He help us in the house and good conversation and company.
Good luck for you pilot course and rare shoes shop.
The door is always Open here.



It was a great month in the farm with Lorenzo, Laura and Peter. They are really friendly, kind and nice people. Foods were tasty, their dogs and cat were lovely. It was a nice experience to meet with new people, learning Italian culture, explore other cities and new places and to experience farm life in a vineyard. The work wasn't easy, it needs too much effort (5 hours in a day) and the rooms that we stayed wasn't super clean. For the people who don't care too much about the cleaning it can be a perfect experience.

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Hosts are very nice people and welcoming, they are helpful if you need a ride to a town, store, train station. Meals are very tasty and vastly. The work is hard physically and it's expected to become faster as the days go by, but if you are an active person you'll be fine. If you are not fluent in Italian there could be some miscommunication if you're working with Laura because of the language barrier, so be patient and ask questions. Overall a good experience. While working in some of the fields you will experience some beautiful landscapes.

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