Winery in the middle of Sicily

We are a family witch is very open we have 2 kids and it is always fun working with other people, we are always looking for more than one helper so the working is most in a group.

We are both people with do not wait until someone is doing the thinks, we are both working hard and the volunteers will be ingaged with helping us during the day. We have some workers engaged for various times in the year.


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*Melanie is very supportive of the travelers staying with her. She was helping one girl get a visa and made sure I had hotspot so I could teach online when the WiFi was not working.
*fed very well and room was very comfortable
*fun to be involved with a family in a big house with 2 energetic boys

*weren’t involved in the work I was doing, and I got some confusing communication from two different people, so I think nobody (including me) was happy with how much work was finished at the end.
*a lot of shouting/fighting in the couple, kind of rude


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What to say first, I had wonderful intentions going in to this ace turned into a very immature and unprofessional end result of my leaving early. To start, I was never in Sicily for the actual duration of my time spent because the host asked me to come to Bacharach, Germany to help finish picking season in Rhien country, so of course I said yes! This would be a great opportunity for myself since I am in the most famous part of the world for it's Riesling. End result is that I worked way more than agreed to and Melanie tried to break up my girlfriend and I. So we left....wish it didn't




We where there 23 days and was disappointed, she didn’t knew my name call me Antonio ;beautiful place and relationship with the rest of the volunteers , but it was really embarrassing to send a message every two days asking for food,I try to speak with her, I told her that was not de agreement but she didn’t care at all and she got angry and took it personal at the end we bought our own food many times.its a shame , has to improve how to treat people or maybe we just didn’t like her . Feel free to ask me inbox anything I also take Pictures.


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I am really sorry Augustine but o think your girlfriend can also thalk for herself. You can not accept that I or we are able to cook for a colica person. We bought al the food you needed and als what was asked. But you can not even require everything you like from us. There are thinks you need to by by yourself.

If you had told me before I would have decliened your stay because I no that I am not able to respect allergy’s. Maby it is easy for you but shure not for me to handle that.



La experiencia con Lorenzo y Melanie fue muy buena! fueron por mi a la estación de tren y cuando partí ne llevaron a la terminal de camiones, siempre dispuestos a ayudar.
el trabajo con ellos fue mayormente de limpieza y reparación. en la vineria!
Recomiendo que los eligan para su próxima experiencia!


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Thanks for your help. You are always welcome.

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