Wondimu and Wako Ecological Development PLC

World tourism : selected one of World top tourism village distnation , from Eco and campsite 37km found Wanchi crater lake ! sutabel to viste crater lake , village , market , trakking , much more to do here with exchanging with different ideas with volunteers applying here in my jungle, school teaching, farming with local community, much more , and soon I went start Construct Eco house , children playground , I need people to apply there ideas , in my area !

I am tourism profational , bussiness man, especial in Toursun industry and relative , , I reserved 2hactar of natural forest , and changing to recreational center , camping area as well as 20km 30km from Main Office , doing also Community development project, in tourism, organics farming etc , soon I will start to build eco house for international community (Tourist , overlanders, backpackers, ) as well local community !! Possible to volunteer in school , teaching, language, etc much more

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