WOT Ericeira Surf Hostel

If you love surfing and enjoy socializing, we are the right place for you to volunteer!
We are a company with organization and rules, sustainability and with many experiences to offer our staff.

How it´s going to be your experience: You will be able to count on a good pedagogical framework, insurance, administrative support and training. You will also be entitled to: • Breakfast. • Laundry. • Accommodation in our volunteer dormitory or our Pod’s. • Area reserved for the “Staff” with storage and fridge. • 1 free Surf lesson (and discounts in the next ones) and yoga classes. • 50% discounts at our bar (except food). • 10% discount for you and your friends and family at our facilities. • Use our surfboards. • Work insurance. What can you learn and develop with us? • Collective intelligence and active participation. • Contribute to team coordination, helping to develop each other's potential. • Generate friendly cooperation and open communication between members. • Participate in the management and daily life of the hostel. • Anticipate problems and resolve outstanding issues as a team. • Cultural sharing. • Improve your language skills.

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WOT as a hostel is a really nice place to stay, but Ericeira as a town gets pretty old pretty fast. If you like surfing and small towns go for it ! but if you're just trying it out, maybe think about it twice.

It's close to Lisbon but it's not that easy or cheap to go back and forth to the city, and Ericeira is very dead during off-season. Luckily I met great people volunteering and my month-long stay went by faster than expected ! I enjoyed my time there, the hostel is amazing I had very light work to do.

For good or bad, there was not much happening.

hace 2 meses



My volunteering experience at the WOT is something I’ll never forget. The hostel is such a fun environment and the people you meet make it so special. I would recommend this volunteering job to anyone and I would love to come back in the future. :))

hace 3 meses



I spent the most amazing two months at the Wot hostel in Ericeira! I worked with so many lovely people there and made great memories that I'll never forget. The work was easy and fair, I would 100% recommend working there.
Thank you all for everything, you made this place feel like home.

hace 3 meses



Mi experiencia en el wot fue buena. Pero los dormitorios de los voluntarios dejan mucho que desear. Es un cuarto con 12 camas, sin ventanas ni ventilación con mucha humedad. El baño de la habitación no puede usarse, hay que utilizar las duchas que se encuentran afuera, que siempre se encuentran SÚPER sucias y en invierno hace frío. Las 25 horas semanales se cumplen, hay servicio de lavandería y la gente en el
Hostel es muy amable. Las clases de surf gratis es solo una, y las clases de yoga cuando fui no había un lugar cerrado para realizarlas por lo q tuvimos muy pocas debido al frío y lluvia

hace 4 meses



Everything very nice, i really enjoyed the time spent in the Wot Hostel. The people are cool and funny, i met a lot of beautiful humans. The only problem is the dorm. The tasks are easy and you can have a lot of time free. :) Obrigada!!!

hace 4 meses

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