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The WOT New Lisbon Hostel is part of the WOTELS family. It is one of the biggest hostels in town with 162 beds. Close to the bohemian areas of Bairro Alto and Príncipe Real, you will stay walking distance from nice restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, gardens, museums... Everything essential, all that you need !

We are a young team of passionate travellers with different working experiences (hospitality, human resources, administration). We all have experience living abroad, whether in Portugal or elsewhere, and something we all have in common is being proud to call Lisbon home! We are always more than happy to recommend our favourite hidden spots in the area and around the city. Whatever you are assigned to do in the hostel, you are welcome to learn about the way we run things here, including managing reservations and helping guests.

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Such a fun experience at WOT :) I got to meet so many incredible people, from staff to volunteers to guests. I really enjoyed my 2 months there and didn’t want to leave! The actual job is pretty easy and you never work more than 5 hours at a time. One of the best benefits of volunteering here is that you can visit the other WOT locations for free, giving you a chance to explore the rest of Portugal on your days off. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who is looking for a fun time and a way to meet new people!

hace 2 días

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This was my first volunteer experience and it was absolutely perfect for that. The work was fairly easy and the hours were respected. The location of the hostel was perfect for getting around Lisbon and sight seeing, you’re not too far from anything. By far the best part about this experience was the other volunteers, I made such a little family in my time here and I loved it so much!! <3 definitely recommend.

hace 11 días



It was my first time volunteering so It was an important experience for me. The people around me were so welcoming and they made me feel like home since day one. Having many international people around to talk and spent time to was really fulfilling. The tasks were easy. The hostel was on the center so it was so easy to go everywhere and it was close to most of the opportunities around. I would recommend everyone to take this opportunity to volunteer here and have an amazing time and memories they will never forget.

hace 29 días



I would highly recommend this volunteership to anyone who is ready to connect with people and have a blast adventure. It was my first volunteer and I had so much fun. I got to meet incredible people with whom I’ll cherish memories. The work itself is pretty easy, it does get tiring sometimes but it is manageable. The room where volunteers sleep is a bit small but cosy which made us (volunteers) connect more. Thank you WOT New Lisbon for this opportunity!! 💗

hace 2 meses

WOT New Lisbon respondido

Thanks a lot for your help during you stay Paulina !
We are happy you enjoyed your time here and connected with people.
It would be a pleasure to welcome you again in the future !



It was my first volunteering, and it was very cool, the staff is very friendly, I met more travelers and practiced my English. The functions are simple and the breakfast is good. The only detail is that the volunteer rooms could be big because there are 6 people in a very small room and the bed cubicles are very closed. Finally you enjoy Lisbon perfectly, the hostel is very well located and there are many activities to do, you can also exchange and go to other hostels in Portugal and spend your days off

hace 2 meses

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