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All along the year, Xóm Bắc Cầu small and big works are done to optimize the quality and the respect of the installations facing the ecological and economic stakes imposed by our model. Through discovery of vietnamese know-how and sustainable practice, interns are included during day time in the development of the community garden. VISION Bring the artists (the one that secretly lurks inside all of us) to create an ideal environment for everyone to live and learn with pleasure, in an atmosphere of peace. CORE VALUES To generate between several projects entities - ecological, social, artistic - a dynamic initiative based on common values: - Equity of abilities and needs of all - Sharing, simple living and co-operation - Make the ecological and energy transition OBJECTIVES To promote the exchange of experiences, knowledges, techniques and desires To respect natural rhythm and peculiarity in order to reach autonomy and fulfillment To raise awareness of the need for a more sustainable lifestyle To protect Nature by promoting permaculture

Xóm Bắc Cầu’s ACTIVITIES Xóm Bắc Cầu community garden is a non-profit and member-driven organisation founded in 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its ethos is one of participation and collaboration; by providing a comforting and nurturing space for friendliness, exchange and sharing, we aim to create a harmonious union between the landscape and the people, providing food, energy, shelter, material and non-materials needs in a sustainable way. Sustainability is a central goal, one that we pride ourselves on and that we are continuously working to improve. In this community garden we hope to bring together several projects - ecological, social and artistic - which are all be linked by our ethos and passion for living well together. Our governance is organised around volunteering, professionals and artists, who are involved in a number of different projects: organisation of workshops and events, eco-responsible communication, valorising and utilising local partners and supply chains for sustainable production, processing and packaging of the garden’s produce. Our partners and volunteers, inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds them, use ecosystem services to save water, energy and limit non-renewable inputs. They create sustainable projects for the community, improve soil conditions, promote biodiversity, grow and prepare organic foods from the garden, all the while placing life and well-being at the heart of their practices. New technologies are identified and implemented where appropriate, while both new and old agricultural practices are exploited to promote the diversity and improve the health and resilience of the local ecosystem, thus providing seasonal, clean and delicious food throughout the year. The garden is open for visitors, every weekdays from 4.30pm to 6.30 pm, and all day on weekends (8.30am - 6.30pm). We welcome people of the neighbourhood and beyond, children and parents, to improve and share their skills by cooking, gardening, crafting and practicing sports together. Everyone is invited to learn more about eco-gestures, sustainable development, learning processes, responsible-project management and more. The garden hosts punctual activities - field trips, art events, and workshops around these issues. The intern has to be aware of community and simple living, and warmly invited to connect with all the different actors of the site to include sharing as a new way to learn, practice and consum. LOCATION Bắc Cầu is a small village located between the arms of the Red River and the Duong River, and part of Long Bien District, Hanoi. The old village has three hamlets now developed into three villages : Thuong - Bắc Cầu 3, Trung - Bắc Cầu 2 and Ha - Bắc Cầu 1. In the conception of the villagers, the rivers - infinite source of water - bringing happiness to the village : it carries fertile alluvial resources to the land so the villagers could live stably by growing crops, fishing, collecting firewood on the Red River or raising silkworms. The village also includes a large community of artists and artisans. However, in the rainy season, the river often brings floods into houses and crops, favorising diseases. So in the past, the village was very humid and the life of the villagers very difficult. At the end of the 17th century, Bắc Cầu village was associated with the name of the brilliant doctor Ngo Sach Tuan (1648-1697). According to folklore when going to public service through the village, seeing the villagers sick, Ngo Sach Tuan donate rice and traditional medicine to everyone. Saving the village from the epidemic raged. Previously, all three villages of Bắc Cầu had communal houses, but now only in Ha village (Bắc Cầu 1) : Xóm Bắc Cầu. Villagers come often to meet up, enjoy the garden and share their knowledge about their land, the biodiversity and all the eco-responsible behaviour which are integrated into Vietnamese traditions. Bắc Cầu village still has two temples : Đền Đôi Cô (Bắc Cầu 1) and Chùa Long Đọi (Bắc Cầu 2), along the Red River, powerful meditative places, rich of history, with overview on the constant growing of Hanoi. From a humid, muddy riverside village, nowadays Bắc Cầu is being urbanized with asphalt roads, and high-rise houses are growing more and more... But villagers' life is still preserved and improved by planting fruit trees of high economic values, practicing clever agroforestry. WORKING HOURS Morning : 8.30 am - 11.30 am Afternoon : 3 pm - 6.00 pm DURATION OF RESIDENCIES - PERIODS OF WELCOME Applications are currently open all along the year. Internship may be broken up into multiple periods if necessary. CONDITIONS OF WELCOMING The intern will have to present a Main Works (see list under) to develop during his stay : from beginner to expert level. The selection criteria will be based on the relevance of the works, its development or its future in XBC Eco-construction Plan. Works around Vietnamese know-how will be favored. Interns are NOT provided with travel costs. Applicants are required to organise and finance their travel to and from Hanoi. FINANCE BY DONATION Please consider that our space can work and survive only thanks to the donations from visitors like you. XBC would kindly ask you to auto-evaluate your donation for collaboration, regarding of your own budget abilities and the services you receive: 500.000 VND - 25 USD / Week as a minimum ACCOMMODATION Accommodation is provided to all interns (and their families upon application and within capacity) in the residency complex in Xóm Bắc Cầu. Nha San: Traditional sleeping area - shared accomodation (2-10 people) Nha Go: Traditional wooden house - shared or private accommodation (1-3 people) Nha Dat: Traditional earth house - private accommodation Community Kitchen Shared bathrooms (2 showers - 5 toilets) APPLICATION PROCESS To apply the file of conduct should be sent minimum 1 week before the internship to [email protected] and organized as such: 01 / Presentation of the intern 02 / Presentation text of individual project and specific program of the works (refer to WORKS section of this document), with concise provisional schedule of the stay. 03 / Technical requirements to your stay: transportation, meals, accommodation, tools/materials needed, remarks such as potential nuisance or other. Or feed the Google Form ! ELIGIBILITY Applicants must be over 18, open to all nationalities, sex and religion. Applicants must be legally allowed to reside in Vietnam for the proposed period of time. MAIN WORKS After confirmation of your stay you will received document about the House Operating. Please read it carefully and feel free to ask us if you have any questions. During your stay don’t hesitate to refer to this document and be ready to make your part ! 01 PERMACULTURE Everyday : 8.30 am - 11.30 am 🌺 Creation of a nourishing garden - Gardening Plan: Seeding / Intercropping / Harvesting - Food forest caring - Plants transformation: Medecine / Hygiene / Food - Aquaponic system maintenance 🌺 Protect biodiversity - Care of dedicated spaces: coop, stables, ponds, bird house - Animal caring - Installation of an apiary 02 NATURAL BUILDING 🌺 Traditional Woodwork - Ensure the strength of the frame and the various wooden modules - Optimize the space for hosting different activities - Furnitures for the chill out 🌺 Up-cycling - Playgrounds and wood games - Hamacs - Bamboo walls/baskets - Soil construction 03 GENERAL VOLUNTEERING PROGRAM Guided Tour : Every Sunday 3.00 pm 🌺 Everyday life - Clean-up and garbage hunt - Create/Organize/Participate to free workshops for visitors - Manage reception area and donations processing 🌺 Ecological behavior - Natural hygiene products - Manage compost area - Establish an interactive eco-friendly prevention campaign inside the space

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