Yes Club (Youth Education Sports Club)

As much as the kids from the school and the sportsacademy will learn from you, you will get the chance to learn from them. Everyone who lives here in this village has been badly affected by the tsunami and other blow of faith. But they all managed to look forward and create a new life. Learn from their inviting, resilient and positive attitude. You will be most welcome in this community, get invited home to families, be part of the local life with all it's challenges. Taste local food, learn some Sinhala, dive deep into the magical history and energy which is unique in Sri Lanka. Listen to mystic legends and stories, which can not be found in any book or the internet. Get inspired by this unknown culture with all it's secrets. Besides the cultural knowledge you will have a lot of freedom in being creative in the project. You might be interested in drilling new outdoor climbing routes at undiscovered rocks or support the project with your own ideas for example for holiday camps. You will enhance yourself in many directions!

We are a team trying to make children's life in Sri Lanka better. We all love international people around us and like a lot to hang out and spend time. You will be in a warmhearted environment where locals and internationals meet and profit from each other.

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