YOBAC (Youth Organization for Building African Communities) - Nursery & Primary school

We offer volunteering opportunities for various amount of time. Whether it is one week or three month, we are happy that you want to work with us. We are an incredibly flexible organization so you can try various tasks to see which one suits you the best! If you want an idea of the sorts of things we offer at our organization, feel free to look down below! Volunteering with us gives you the chance to really make a difference in our communities.

Furthermore, volunteers will get an opportunity to interact with people from a various backgrounds, since we are working with a refugee community, we have people from the DRC., Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. Every one of these country has its own cultures that the volunteers can learn and experience. Volunteer will be required to give a daily contribution of $7-$10 a day for food and accommodation contribution.

Common Volunteer/Intern Activities:

​​Assisting our Volunteer Coordinator with the management of the fellow volunteers on site
Assist our teachers in class with their existing curricullums.
Play with children at school during the break.
​Teaching English as a second language
Assisting teams in sport for development (SFD)
​Visiting families (outreach program)
​Conducting research in refugee communities
Assisting the organization to improve the website.​
Training the youth in peace and conflict, health, sexual gender based violence (SGBV), human/refugee rights, etc.
​Visiting and conducting research on refugees in the camps
Helping the Organization in fundraising and Marketing.

I am Albert Juma a Congolese refugee, I was born in D.R.Congo North Kivu Rutshuru district, Ishasha village on 11th 02/1998. In my family of 4 people, I am the second born. I completed both my primary and secondary school in Ishasha Village by 2015. However, I was forced to leave my country due to the war conflict, after completing my senior six later that year. After reaching the refugee camp, we faced many challenges; poverty, unemployment, etc. It is when we got united as youth to start small contribution, where we could sell out a small part of our food received from W.F.P in order to raise money for starting loan and saving activities. I was determined to find innovative ways to contribute to the creation of businesses, it is out of this determination that I have been able to start YOBAC that is working with people to develop innovative ways of empowering youth and women to start sustainable businesses, and and encouraging children to get a quality education.


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I spent almost a month in YOBAC. Maybe kyangwali is one of the hardest places to live, but everybody made me feel so good there. I felt part of the team. The kids are really lovely and spent with me all time playing, dancing...
This is a place for feel the real Africa life and learn many things from them.
I recommend go and meet the school.
I will go back.

hace 5 meses



Volunteering at YOBAC proved to be an awe-inspiring experience. Given its remote location, I gained an invaluable, firsthand insight into the daily lives of these refugees. Albert and his team were super accommodating, and even went out of their way to make sure I got to the camp safely. The children's boundless energy and joy upon meeting me was heartwarming, as they warmly welcomed me with songs and poems. The work is really flexible, and I even had a chance to attend one of the refugee markets! Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend this project to anyone interested in making a mean

hace 12 meses

Albert respondido

Dear Leo,
It was great having you at our organization, we learnt a lot from your experiences, you copied up with the life in the refugee camp, you played with our kids at school which made them excited, our staff member appreciated your humility for sharing the local meal with them, thank you so much.

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