Young World Eco-Village

The HARTSHUIS is an urban eco-village in Vredefort and home to destitute SASSA dissability pensioners, they are disabled and impoverished, unable to care for themselves. At the SASSA house the five basic needs we are all born with: survival, connection, significance, freedom, and enjoyment are met. Going back to basics with sustainable living, we prioritize the use of natural and renewable resources that makes economic, environmental, and social sense, implementing feasible ecological interventions such as rainwater harvesting, grey-water irrigation system, sun-power water heating and waste management system. Vertical tunnel farming – and small-scale chicken farming will help to become self-sufficient. Next steps: implementing hydroponic, greenhouse and vertical farming solutions. Young World Volunteers are expected to: • play a vital part in the cleaning and cooking duties, also with property maintenance within your scope of experience and expertise. • do social impact volunteer work and include home visits, if needed and provide care to the broader community • practice understanding and have patients with the elderly residents suffering with chronic illness and assist with hygiene and rehabilitation of stroke patients • understand the challenges we have with special needs teenagers, incl drug abuse and behavior problems. • International volunteers do other related duties (Administration, Digital Marketing, Fundraising)

Volun-tourists: We understand our international volunteers are here to be tourists in South Africa as well. Fee-paying volunteers make capacity building and sustainability possible. The Program Fees are $100 - $250 per week, depending on the experiences expected. Young World Educare is a non-profit organization, program fees are tax deductible. Volun-tourists get the opportunity to visit the world heritage site in the area and walking trails, visiting craft markets, experience cultural displays and musical events that may be happening for $100 per week and also take part in a choice of in season leisure activities and sightseeing, including in season camping, safari drives, canoeing, rafting, fishing, mountain-biking and rock climbing at $250 per week. International Volunteers Program Fee Covers: • Airport Pick up/Transfer • Nano Cabin Accommodation • Food (local food made in our kitchen 3 times a day) • travel opportunities in the area • 24/7 in-country support • Volunteer Certificate of completion • Airport return. Program Fees Exclude: • Visas • Airfare • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods • Travel & Touring Expenses away from the area.

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