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A volunteer will receiver culture exchange and learning will have a great experience with the kids and the people in our community Will learn a lot in activities she or he will be involved in with us

I have a team of around 10 people 4 are men and 6 are women A volunteer should expect love and respect from our staff A volunteer will be welcomed and made to be part of the family


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I stayed for a month. It’s quite a suitable place to learn a different culture and language. A different lifestyle in a different environment gave me a lot of things to learn. Simultaneously, the host understanding our lifestyle and culture helped my life out there. It’s also possible to ask them to arrange holidays like sightseeing from familiar nature to great nature with wildlife. You should be able to exchange value.

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owino respondido

Thanks for volunteering with us



Owino has a giant heart, my trip went wrong and unfortunately I couldn't go, but from the moment he confirmed my stay he was always very attentive, he provided the letter of recommendation for my visa and gave me a lot of information, even then I couldn't go,
he really understood me and continued to be kind, i will have the pleasure to meet his project one day. Thanks

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It was an experience that I will never forget, knowing that I passed through the lives of those children for a week and I was able to teach them something, even if it is small, it is a grain of sand for a possible better future

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