Because he want to combine outdoor and indoor activities (office), together with locals from different ages. If he wants to hear more about Yugoslav history and how socialism can beat capitalism.

We, people raised in socialism treat all people the same, without regards to their nationality, race, religion or any other "non-choosed" criteria. We treat people considering their habits, attitude, motivation and behaviour.


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My experience in yugoland was pleasant, I learned a lot about the history of Yugoslavia and how the people of that time lived, although this project is not finished, I can imagine that it will be an incredible place, they plan to turn it into a recreational center with a hotel and camp with the thematic of Yugoslavia, so that everyone who comes is filled with history and culture.
Thanks for the experience.

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It has been a wonderful experience working here for Yugoland. Goran and Aleksander have been wonderful hosts showing me all over the town and sharing time with their families. They are great to work for and just as nice to enjoy a tea or futbol match with. I have had plenty of time to explore the city, even taking trip to near by Novi Sad, while still meeting the tasks that they placed in front of me. It has been real easy to work for and collaborate them with ideas in order to support the neat historical park Yugoland.

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Subotica it's a beautiful city, with so much history and culture,and it's very close of a lot of nice countries to visit.

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