You can experience and learn: construction and renovation of furniture and houses geodome construction building with natural materials gardening herbs and wild edibles fruit and herb picking and processing general garden maintenance commercial production of compost and soil substrates preparation of composts and liquid fertilizers building and repairing a lot of things

We are a couple of nature lovers with big ideas and positive vision. Dimo, the project leader, is in charge with the organisation of work. Work is suited for your point of interests, abilities and priorities. We eat seasonal mostly organic veggies and fruits from our garden, cold pressed juices out of veggies. No meat is processed or served at home. NB: Stay less than a week is more like couchsurfing and sight seeing. In such cases our visitors may contribute with little donation for the expenses of accomodation and food.


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Estuvimos una semana con Dimo trabajando con él en su proyecto. Fue una experiencia interesante para nosotros, que no teníamos experiencia en trabajar en el campo o en la construcción. Durante los primeros días el voluntariado fue confuso: no entendíamos bien cuál era nuestra tarea, cual era el sentido, así como el reparto de las tareas de comida. Luego de tener una charla con Dimo, que siempre se mostró disponible pero a veces poco comunicativo, la experiencia cambió radicalmente y disfrutamos mucho del trabajo y la estadía. Recomendamos para trabajar la tierra y conectar con ella.

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This is a lovely place beside mountains and forest. The walks were fabulous. The work got me outdoors too which is what I sought and I had plenty of free time too. Food (vegetarian) was excellent and the work was light. The room and facilities were fine and the hosts, and their dog, were very accepting of my dog too!. Communication was inadequate and I always felt I was trying to fill in the gaps in between what I was told.

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Volunteering here was the perfect way to immerse myself in Bulgarian culture, meet locals and learn about two things: 1) geodesic domes and 2) permaculture. If these are topics you're interested in I'd definitely recommend this experience!

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It was incredible 🤩 I learned a lot with Dimo (and with the rest of the team too). He was an amazing host and let me totaly confortable. We were a good team there! Just good memories that I will bring with me forever.It was a different situation, most part of the time we were in other place, helping in a dome construction, but I'm sure it would be nice as well to stay in his place all the experience. Totaly recommend!!

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Dimo was an excellent host from the beginning to the end!
He was always aware of what I need, and asks if everything is fine.
The work is quite easy because you can ask Dimo how to do the work and he explains and shows, so even for beginners (as me). it s a good experience to start. It was my 1st voluntary job with worldpackers and I m veey happy with this experience.
Most of the time there are others volunteer so you can exchange social experiences and learn from people.
Thank you Dimo !

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