Zephyr Lodge

We are an eco party lodge tucked away in the remote mountains of Guatemala. The property is situated on the banks of the Lanquin River with mainly nature surrounding it. There is really nothing like it and even though it is remote, thousands of travelers come to see the national Park SEMUC CHAMPEY. Just look this up and you will want to come and live here for at least while ;) We also have fun parties most nights, with games such as beer pong, flip cup and Jenga. You will get to meet travelers from all over the world, as well as the locals of course :)

We have been in the hostel industry for over 15 years and have had hundreds of volunteers come through helping us out. We have had the luck meeting all sorts of skilled and or professional chefs, bartenders, managers, electricians, engineers, bakers, yoga instructors, accountants, (English) teachers, etc. People seem to love the vibe here and they often stay months if not longer. There are quite a few bugs in the surrounding such as mosquitoes (not too many) beatles, cockroaches, spiders, small rodents, etc. All very easy to deal with as long as you don't keep food in your room. We get power outages and internet can be erratic and sometimes it won't work for a few hours. However, its a great way to disconnect for a while. The local people are very friendly, mainly work in tourism or farming.


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Mi experiencia en Zephyr Lodge fue increíble, aprendí las labores de un bartender así como la preparación de diversos tragos y técnicas en la preparación de cócteles. Los compañeros de trabajo son amables (la mayoría) y las comidas están bien, son ricas y llenadoras, definitivamente si te gusta la fiesta y conocer otros viajeros, te recomiendo esta experiencia

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Está experiencia ha sido increíble. Desde mi llegada me sentí muy cómoda y a gusto con el lugar y los compañeros. Es un lugar muy lindo para hacer voluntariado, hay muchas cosas para aprender y han sido muy cálidos y claros para enseñar. El hotel está en un lugar muy lindo y hay muchas cosas para hacer en los alrededores.
Gracias al equipo de Zephyr por tan linda experiencia.
Me llevo lindos recuerdos y nuevos amigo.

hace 7 meses

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