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We are a Party Lodge tucked away in the remote mountains of Guatemala. The property is situated on the banks of the Lanquin River surrounded by jungle and valleys. There is really nothing like it and even though it is remote, thousands of travelers come to see the national Park SEMUC CHAMPEY. We provide a relaxing peaceful spot by day and a social, fiesta vibe by night. As a popular spot in Lanquin, you will meet people from all around Guatemala and the world.

We have been in the hostel industry for over 15 years and have had hundreds of volunteers come through helping us out. We have had the luck meeting all sorts of skilled and or professional chefs, bartenders, managers, electricians, engineers, bakers, yoga instructors, accountants, (English) teachers, etc. People love the vibe here and they often stay months if not longer. There are quite a few critters in the surrounding such as mosquitoes (not too many) beatles, cockroaches, spiders, small rodents, etc (we are in the middle of the jungle after all). We get glorious storms and piping hot weather, which can lead to power outages and erratic internet at times. However, nothing brings people together like the absence of social media. The local people are very friendly, mainly working in tourism or farming, and our guests are fun loving and ready for shenanigans.

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I loved my time at Zephyr so much I extended my stay by 2 extra weeks! The work is fast-paced but super enjoyable and easy to learn. All the guests and staff I met made my time so wonderful, this is the perfect place if you want to relax, have a good time, and meet tons of cool people :)

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Zephyr is cool spot! Views and the weather are excellent round there! I mainly had my good times with the guests! So many good people come through the hostel and made loads of mates! Food is okay, smoothies are better. A downside was the manager who didn’t make me feel all that welcome. The 4 weeks I was there he didn’t ask me one question about myself, showed absolutely no interest in me from the get go. Most the staff and the owner are good people! I was ready to leave after 3 weeks and that would have showed in my last week :/. Overall though fairly good.

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Excelente lugar

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Zephyr is an experience where I immersed myself in the local culture; listening to the locals in their native language is amazing! Despite several hours of work and having to work during Easter week, which was a lot, I had fun! They were always flexible and understanding. I was able to develop many skills, thanks to everyone for welcoming me ❤️

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My time here has been amazing, offering professional growth and immersion in Maya culture. Hearing Maya spoken casually at work has been a joy. Life at the hostel, amidst serene surroundings, is bustling but relaxing. Despite brief encounters, the local community at Zephyr feels like family. My supportive manager tailors opportunities to our skills, and as an Instagrammer, I've shared the beauty of the place. While visitors come for tours like the Lanquín River and Semuc Champey, it's the warmth of the local community that truly sets this experience apart. #SenseOfBelonging

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