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In our international hostel environment you can make new friends, improve your language skills (english & spanish) and just enjoy South Florida! The hostel is right between the two big cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. and they both have a lot to offer. Theres beaches, art, nightlife, nature, restaurants and shopping opportunities, anything you might like. Theres a straight bus to the closest beach and some of our properties have swimming pools that you are welcome to use anytime (please note that the house you are sleeping does not have a pool) We have free parking in case you liked to rent a car and all our properties have fast Wi-Fi so it's easy to keep in touch with your family and friends. The work is light and we only ask for 20h per week and 3 days off. We need help with housekeeping, and interacting with the guests. Or if you are more into light construction work such as painting and remodeling you can help Hugo with that side of the business. We are always improving our properties. Sometimes we might need help outside too with the gardening. The accommodation is a dorm for 4-6 people. The whole hostel has a max occupancy of 14 people. We offer a complimentary breakfast and snacks. We can also take you to the grocery store once a week. In the hostel you are staying we have free wifi, full kitchen and parking. Also some of our other properties have swimming pools, laundry and gym that you are welcome to use during your stay as well.

We are a married couple from Finland and Colombia. We enjoy traveling, cooking, yoga, meditation, nature, beach, movies... We are animal lovers, we have dogs that are big part of our life. We are into healthy lifestyle, trying to make better choices one by one.. Always excited to learn new things and listen to people stories. With our previous volunteers we have done yoga, gone to the beach, bike riding, wynwood, night clubs and restaurants. We have cooked together and showed them around. Hugo is into mountain biking and music so with him you can go to trails or his studio. We don't live in the hostel but our home is part of our business too so you will be seeing us a lot. We have a swimming pool where you can come and hang out.

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Hugo is a very Nice guy. But the Worldpackers house is far from a backpacker interest. U need to have a car to enjoy.. we help in the BnB sometimes work extra hours but they pay u. Changing beds, cleaning houses, thats the job. We had an issue during my stay, changed house for a terrible one. But as Hugo put himself always available, he solved my issue very quick. I resume as a nice experience.

15 días atrás


foi muito boa a experiência. Mas um ponto negativo foi que tínhamos dias que trabalhávamos mais do que o necessário do dia totalizando horas de trabalho muito maior que o combinado. podia ser ajustado apenas este ponto.

18 días atrás


The experience was incredible! All my study and practice of english in Brazil dont ware nothing comparing with this experience. Hugo is a good person great manager and worker, he need of engaged people with community and job. The AirBnB routine is diferent that Hostel, but, dont worry, is quick to accustom. I recommend and i'm here to help.

2 meses atrás


Great place to improve your English and Spanish! The business is airbnb, not hostel, which makes a lot of difference in the daily experience, as there are no shared leisure areas in the house where the backpackers live. The job is to clean houses and rented rooms on airbnb. The staff is great and very organized. There are 4 days of work per week, 5 hours per day. 3 days off :) The house we live is in city of West Park. The bed is very good! Onna, even traveling, is always very present in business and communication with her was very good!

3 meses atrás


A great place to learn of hostel, great people, thanks for all.

5 meses atrás

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