Zion Gates Foundation

It is the registered organization in Tanzania doing its operations at National level.
We do have exquisite accommodation ,high security and safety for our volunteers.
We also have adventures trips, wildlife safaris and cultural visits around Tanzania parks and community at low budget.
Our team is very experienced and so deeply passionate in helping others who are in need.

Zion Gates Foundation is a non-governmental organization registered with Reg. No. 00NGO/R/2216 under the Non-governmental Organization Act of 2002 of the United Republic of Tanzania. Zion Gates Foundation aims solely at improving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 1, 2, 3, 4 and 13. We at Zion Gates Foundation, focus on eradicating poverty and hunger, achieving a healthy society, combating climate change, promoting quality education and empowering children, women and youth in the society. The aforementioned aspects are stressing societies in most parts of the globe, but it requires both individual efforts and support from societal entities such as us at Zion Gates Foundation, to spearhead towards achieving socio-economic prosperity and welfare in our global societies. OUR TARGETED INDIVIDUALS:- Zion Gates Foundation aims at involving children, women and youth in upping their voices and shading light to their impeccable abilities and skills in bringing fruitful impacts in the society. We aim at involving the aforementioned groups in improving the lives of both their fellows and the society at large. OUR VISION:- We believe that children, women and youth all have the desire and substantial ability to leave a mark on the sustainable developments of a society, so let us level the plain field for them to rise and soar. OUR MISSION:- To promote healthcare, education, protection , environmental sustainability, talents, sports and games for children, youth and women and to promote and empower them to have a positive development and creating the space for amplifying voices and shading light on the astounding plethora of abilities and impacts done by children, women and youth in the socio-economic and sustainable development aspects within our societies. NB: We are so friendly,well organized, professional and very strategic in executing our projects. Our accommodation is home-based, tents and hostels. All volunteers will be at home away from home. We kindly encourage all volunteers to keep in touch with us to make the difference in our community.

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The experience at Zion Gates was truly amazing, I not only had the honour of having Cosmas as my host but also met a lot of incredible people. I highly recommend this experience because not only will you be accommodated but Cosmas will take you around Moshi to see some of the hidden gems and immerse yourself in the local culture. I feel sad that I had to leave.

hace 1 mes

Cosmas respondido

I had the pleasure of working with Shirley, a volunteer from Zimbabwe, and I must say she was absolutely exceptional. Shirley's dedication and commitment to her work were truly inspiring. She brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm were contagious. I highly recommend Shirley as a volunteer for any organization seeking a motivated and talented individual.
Karibu tena Rafiki ❤️



Todo fue sobre ruedas. Previo a mi llegada, Cosmas estuvo atento y disponible para todo cuanto necesité. Para todos los imprevistos de mi viaje la fundación encontró soluciones rápidas y eficaces. La organización de las actividades, proyectos y programas están perfectamente diseñadas. Además, pude conocer y disfrutar de maravillosos lugares durante mi estancia. Agradecer de corazón a Cosmas y a todo el equipo Zion Gates por la atención y el trato recibido. ¡¡BRUTAL!! Experiencia totalmente recomendable. Sin duda, si tengo la oportunidad, repetiré. Asanta Sana Kaka..

hace 2 meses

Cosmas respondido

Thank you so much Kaka ❣️
Karibu tena Tanzania Kaka 🇹🇿



My month at ZGF has truly been an amazing experience. I can only suggest to anyone to come and help Cosmas in his ambitious but very young project, that I hope we helped improve during my stay there, especially organization-wise!
Cosmas, thank you so much for everything, I loved Tanzania, the people as well as the country itself and I will come back someday to explore more of it (climb the Kilimanjaro and go to Zanzibar) !
You are genuinely a good human being and have great values, please take care of you and Agness (your little boy too!) and may your ambition brings you the best, rafiki ;)

hace 3 meses

Cosmas respondido

Geoffroy is a dedicated and Compassionate Volunteer.I had the pleasure of working alongside Geoffroy as a volunteer, and I must say that his contributions and dedication were truly exceptional. Geoffroy's kindness, organizational skills, and commitment to making a positive impact left a lasting impression on our organization and the community we served.
From the very beginning, Geoffroy displayed a genuine passion for helping others. His involvement in bringing football and basketball for children was remarkable.
One of the significant contributions Geoffroy made was introducing Notion, a project management tool.
One of the qualities that stood out about Geoffroy was his natural curiosity to help.
Geoffroy's commitment to environmental sustainability was also commendable. He actively participated in initiatives such as tree planting and waste pickering, child protection- my body is my body, showcasing his dedication to creating a greener,cleaner community and safer world for children . His passion for environmental causes was truly inspiring, and his willingness to get his hands dirty and lead by example motivated others to join in the efforts.
Thank you, Geoffroy, for your generosity and selflessness.
Asante sana Rafiki ❤️ Karibu tena Kaka!



Cosmas and his wife warmly welcomed us and did their best to make us feel safe and at home. They are both profoundly nice people that we had the chance to meet and consider as friends. During our stay we mainly got to plant trees and attend to classes around child protection, the only difficult thing was to know what was happening, sometimes we were not very aware of the schedule. But no worries it’s important to take things pole pole and this can easily be fix with a little more communication. Overall we learn so much about the culture thanks to Cosmas for sharing with us! Asante Rafiki

hace 5 meses

Cosmas respondido

It's great to hear that we made you feel warmly welcomed and at home during your stay. It's also wonderful to know that you had the chance to meet such nice people and consider them as friends. Planting trees and attending classes around child protection sounds like a meaningful and fulfilling experience.

I understand that the only difficulty you faced was sometimes not being aware of the schedule. It's important to have clear communication and organization, but as you mentioned, taking things pole pole (slowly) can also be a valuable lesson in itself. Nonetheless, I hope that this feedback can be taken into consideration to improve future experiences for volunteers. Thank you for your contribution and dedication to this cause.

Karibuni tena Rafiki wetu ( Belulah and Laurie).
Tanzania Hakuna Matata 🇹🇿

We love you all!
Wishing you all the best :)



Volunteering for the Zion Gates Foundation and staying at Cosmas’ and Agnes’ place was an experience I will never forget and which I learned a lot from.
Planting trees and supporting Cosmas to present the project “My Body is My Body” in schools were the main volunteering tasks. In order to be able to learn more about yourself and life in Tanzania, you need to be open minded and embrace cultural differences and learn from each other, to enrich your horizons.
Cosmas kindly helps planning different activities, knows hidden gems and has good advice as a local.
Thank you, rafiki!

hace 5 meses

Cosmas respondido

It's great to hear that you had such a positive and impactful experience volunteering for the Zion Gates Foundation. Planting trees and supporting the "My Body is My Body" project in schools are important initiatives that can have a lasting impact on the environment and the community. It's also wonderful that you were open-minded and willing to embrace cultural differences, as this is such an important aspect of cross-cultural exchange and learning. By being open to learning from others and sharing your own knowledge and experiences, you can truly enrich your horizons and gain a deeper understanding of the world around you. Thank you for sharing your review and for your dedication to making a positive difference in Tanzania.

Karibu tena Rafiki! Tanzania Hakuna Matata,Tunawakaribisha Wageni wote!

Wishing you all the best,Iulia :)

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