HOSTEL at the beach in California

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It was the most beautiful experience in my life! I’ve stayed at California Dreams Hostel for 3 months, I was working there as a Front Desk Representative 5 days per week, shifts were 5-6 hours per day. Pedro (the manager of the hostel) made everything clear and understandable. Every volunteer has it’s own schedule for the work with listed tasks for every shift. Everything is explained in details so you have no chance to fail, just follow instructions :) But the most precious thing I’ve got there - PEOPLE! I’m so grateful to meet all of them! Definitely recommend to stay there!

hace 6 meses



I can recommend this place for both, experienced and inexperienced volunteers. Pedro and his team were great hosts, I enjoyed my stay and improved my English and communication with others a lot. I improved my skills with computer programs and housekeeping. The environment together with the international travelers staying at the hostel were super fun and exciting. The hostel is next to the beach and other cool places, like good bars and restaurants. Volunteering at the hostel personally helps you too grow and sometimes helps to step out of your comfort zone. A great first California experience!

hace 8 meses



I stayed in Ocean beach Location. The place is so beautiful, super clean, the Kitchen is the best part if you like to cooking and have a peaceful and nice environment, perfect if you are looking for slow down. The staff is very friendly, the host very approachable and flexible with the schedule if you need to work during your experience.

hace 11 meses

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