Help with a Linguistic and cultural exchange

El intercambio

My name is Yusuf, I live in Rabat, and I'm the leader of a non profit organization. I have been working with volunteers since 2015, trying to help students in my area ! I think I'm respectful, open minded and helpful especially towards travellers cause I'm a traveler too. my staff (my friends and their families ) are just amazing. You can check out some feedbacks here

Que ofreces

4 Horas de ayuda por día

Redes Sociales: Ayuda a construir y mantener las redes sociales atrayendo clientes.

Desarrollador Web: Ayuda a desarrollar y mantener sitios web.

Enseñar Idiomas: Da clases de idiomas a huéspedes o en una comunidad local.

Trabajo Social: Ayuda a la comunidad local.

Que obtienes

3 dias libres por semana

Habitación privada: Ten una habitación privada para relajarte por tu cuenta.

Desayuno: Obtén tu desayuno gratis, la comida más importante del día.

Almuerzo: El almuerzo gratis está servido para todos, consigue el tuyo!

Cena: Ten tu cena gratis antes de ir a dormir.

Descuentos en alojamiento: ¡Siéntete libre para explorar! Obtén descuentos en lugares amigos.

Lavandería gratis: Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.

Tours gratis: No te pierdas de nada! Obtén tours gratis y explora.

Excursiones gratis: ¡Mantén tus pies en movimiento y ejécitate un poco.

Eventos gratis: ¡Sé parte de algo! Accede a eventos gratis.

Traslado: ¡No te preocupes! Te buscamos sin costo para que llegues a nuestro lugar.

Clases de idiomas: Aprende o mejora tus conocimientos de idiomas.


Francés Intermedio o Inglés Intermedio

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

Programa detallado

Salam alaikum(hello:) If your answer is yes to the questions below then you are viewing the right post and you are welcome to join us!
• Do you want to know more about another language or culture?
• Would you like to help People practice their conversational skills in differnt languages?
• Do you like to spend time around people especially kids and be part of the bright change in their lives?
• Would you like taste great traditional food of Morocco and have sightseeing tours around the city?

Actividades & Turnos

So we need friendly responsible and respectful volunteers that would like to work with us, in my neighborhood and why not in some other rural towns, to help children and teenagers to have fun in the same time that they learn other languages as well as good values and morals

In return We provide our volunteers a Moroccan accommodation that will be certanly a great opportunity to learn the Moroccan way of life, meet local people, eat local and healthy food, speak the local language and engage in local customs and traditions.
electricity, running water, WiFi, laundry and so many things will be provided and also you may learn differnt languages that other volunteers would teach
we prefer long stay ( mounth at least ...)

For now the duties are: helping students learn a new language or improve their linguistic skills
So decide if it's what you need and ask me more :)