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Help! We've Got a Baby in the Middle of Full Moon Party!

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As you can see from our other volunteer positions, we have a big popular party hostel and bar on Koh Phangan, and a small place in Samui. We always need help with the party, but... We also started a family! Our baby girl is due early May and we don't know what help we'll need, but we'll definitely need help! Looking for Superstar nannies to help us on Samui & Phangan, give our baby extra love and support, and some influence from around the world!

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So Wild And Wandering is one those places the Koh Phangans Haad Rind to what it is, where a quirky chill vibe that in a moment can turn into a full blown neon colored party mayhem. I came first off to design a wall and got pretty much to what I wanted which was great. The other volunteers and staff were welcoming I soon felt just at home. The hostel accommodation is basic, plywood walls and all, but you know that checkin in to hostel so ride with it. Coming up for the full moon you might get to help out with some other stuff but be sure to stay around and help out because of the party!



Excellent experience with the best companions, I would definitely repeat it again!



Me and my Girlfriend volunteered there for about 10 days. coming right for the start of the full moon party, we had many tasks right from the beginning, like doing the check ins and making the rooms ready. if you don't want to stay around the hostel the whole day we would recommend you to make a time schedule up with the superior. after full moon it gets very chill and there is less work to do.
we had an amazing time! it was very fun to party with the guest and to paint the bar:) Loren and the whole staff are great people! We would love to come back one day



What they ask on the worldpacker app its not what you're asked to do. I was asked to clean alot instead i took this volunteering for party promotion and bartending. But when i reaches them the scenario was completely different. As soon as i arrived the hostel i was given a broom in my hand. Hence after 2 days i ended up the volunteering and i was asked to pay for the stay. Infact i was charged more than the rental for the other customers. Hence i would not recommend this and also do ask them and be very clear before taking this volunteering.



Work hard in the Full Moon Party week, and the rest of the time is quiet. As usual in work exchange, the accommodation of the volunteers is bad. But applying for Wild and Wandering provided me with amazing experiences. I met travelers from all over the world, I discovered that I have a lot of talent for drawing and I had a lot of fun at Koh Phangan parties and at the unusual pink bar of the hostel.
Thanks a lot!!!


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