Enjoy the city while collaborating for only 25 hours a week! #teamakeabed

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El intercambio

Isn't it awesome when you arrive home and your bed is perfectly lined and smelling good? That's how we want our guests to feel. As the beds master, your mission is to make the beds and count the bed sheets we are sending to the laundry. A very easy but important role in our routine =)

Que ofreces

25 Horas de ayuda por semana

Tareas domésticas: Cambia y lava la ropa de cama. Haz las camas.

Limpieza: Ayuda a limpiar la cocina, dormitorios, baños y áreas comunes.

Que obtienes

2 dias libres por semana

Habitación del equipo: Eres parte de un equipo! Conócelos en tu dormitorio.

Desayuno: Obtén tu desayuno gratis, la comida más importante del día.

Cocina tu propia comida: Siéntete libre de preparar tu propia comida aquí.

Tours gratis: No te pierdas de nada! Obtén tours gratis y explora.

Bicicletas a tu disposición: ¡Sube a mi bicicleta! Uso libre de bicicletas.

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

Programa detallado

We have a lot of different positions for our Worldpackers. As a huge hostel, we need a big crew with people full of energy and desire to collaborate. It's important that you feel like part of the family and owner of the house, so you'll be really worried about doing your best to help us being the best hostel of the world! When packers arrive, we sign a volunteering contract and explain the routine of the position they are occupying.

Actividades & Turnos

Count the beds sheets; Make the beds and make sure they are perfectly linen <3; Check the clean sheets that the laundry delivered; Keep the clean sheets room organized; If you finished your job and still have some working hours, keep yourself available for any walk-in or room change (which demands new beds); GO OUT AND HAVE FUN IN SÃO PAULO!