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You will be responsible to welcoming guests, doing check ins and check out, promote our walking tours, surf days, surf lessons, Day Trips and all our events, making beds, take care of laundry and cleaning all areas. You will have shifts of 5 hours a day, 5 days a week and you will have plenty of time to explore Lisbon on your own and with us. If you are looking for a place with a friendly atmosphere and a chill vibe, this is the place for you!

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There bed bugs and the sheets are dirty because of that.
We saw them in more than one room, and are even in the sofa.
The owner tried to solve it throwing hot water on the bed (it was dry in the afternoon and in the night too).
When i told him that this wasn't a solution he said : are you going to tell me how it must be done? There has been a lot of people sleeping there and were fine.
I saw that he answers so mean to the coments but i say what happened. We were 2 girls and we went from there much before our date.
Fortunately i found a better place.

7 horas atrás

Ruben respondido

Bedbugs were treated accordingly not with hot water. It was treated by a Certified Pest Control company and certified produtcts.
That is a lie.
But anyway you didnt had any problems with bedbugs in your room.
You should perform your tasks better and not finding excuses to leave the place. If you want to go on vacation just go, dont try to take advantage of the free bed and free breakfast we offer thinking that you dont need to do anything.


Before I went, I was alerted because Ruben liked all my IG-pictures where I showed skin (got screenshots).4 days into my work there was a walking tour & one girl decided to not want to go. They projected the situation on me & told me how I ruined their plans & how I had to leave the hostel. When I picked up my stuff, I asked 2 friends to get my groceries& Ruben then called me a f*cking b*tch! I cried my eyes out!They also refused to take down unauthorized pictures of me from their IG-profile & I got bed-bug bites all over (got pictures). We were 3 volunteers within 2 weeks that left early...

21 días atrás

Ruben respondido

We really hope you find your hapiness and dont try to be the center of attentions and try to control others all the time. We hope you became more responsiblee and reliable. We truly hope life teaches you the correct way to behave and interact with other people.
Unfortunately you were the worst volunteer among all lovely more than 50 volunteers from all over the world we had with us during the 3 years we are running the hostel.
You were supposed to promote the events of the hostel, not inviting our guests (who paid in advance for the activities) to go with you on your day off just because you didnt want to go alone.
Going to sleep during your shift, leaving the hostel unattended was also not nice and not responsible.
Staying during the afternoon shift doing absolutely nothing was also not good.
Giving beers for free, instead of selling them to the guests is a problem. Trying to keep money from the check ins is a very serious matter.
Unauthorized pictures? That is just sad to read and shows exactly the kind of person you are... The pictures were taken during the hostel activities and City Hostel Lisbon is the copyright owner of them.
It is "funny" that during the 4 days you stayed, you (and no one else) never mentioned bed bugs bites, and is also funny that before and after you, there were no problems with bed bugs at the hostel.
Ruben never called you or anyone else that.
Lying compulsively doesnt make the things true.
We wish you the best but for your own sake, you should change.


I was meant to stay for two weeks but ended up leaving early. The first day was great the owners seemed really nice and we hung out in the evening. The owner Ruben became very touchy and inappropriate and also my bed had bed bugs which I told them about and they failed to deal with for 2 days. The other volunteer girl seemed very happy there so maybe it was just me.

28 días atrás

Ruben respondido

Yes, it is just you. The other volunteer who stayed at the same time as you and all previous were very happy with the experience at our place.
You should have written about waking up late and let our guests be without breakfast, or not care about their questions.
You should not be part of this lovely community and not volunteer anywhere else.
Ruben was never inappropriate or touchy. To lie is not a good attitude.
Also, your bed never had bed bugs, which unfortunately can happen at any hostel.
Everything was going fine until you met someone who probably made you not need a free bed and free food in exchange for 5 hours of work.


Foi uma ótima experiência! Os anfitriões são pessoas maravilhosas que se dedicam ao Hostel com muito carinho! Tudo ocorreu conforme o combinado, as tarefas são justas, bem como as folgas, os horários e os turnos intercalados. Me senti acolhida desde o início, pude passear bastante e amei a cidade de Lisboa. Agradeço pela hospitalidade e por terem sido tão generosos comigo durante toda a temporada!

2 meses atrás

Ruben respondido

Muito obrigado por tudo, Bruna!


Foi ótimo ser voluntária neste hostel! Tudo funcionou conforme já acertado, os anfitriões são excelentes pessoas, muito simpáticos e atenciosos. O trabalho para mim foi sem novidades pois estou acostumada com afazeres de casa... Adorei a temporada em que fiquei lá e amei a cidade de Lisboa!

2 meses atrás

Ruben respondido

Muito obrigado pela ajuda, Adriana!

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