Do you love animals? Come help us at an Animal Shelter!

El intercambio

You will see to the daily care of 15+ cats and 2 dogs. This includes feeding, walking, med, scooping litter boxes, monitoring animal health, photos and cleaning their space. Cleaning includes but is not limited too: vacuuming, steam mopping, washing bowls and surfaces, and washing out litter boxes. Vet visits may be required, as well as some basic handyman skills. Volunteers work on either the AM or PM shifts. Communication is VERY important.


25 Horas de ayuda por semana

Cuidado de Mascotas: Ayuda a cuidar mascotas.

Que obtienes

2 dias libres por semana

Habitación del equipo: Tendrás una cama en un cuarto compartido con otras personas.

Puedes usar libremente nuestra lavandería.: Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.

Bicicletas a tu disposición: Puedes usar nuestras bicicletas cuando quieras.

Utilice nuestra cocina equipada: Siéntete libre de usar nuestra cocina y preparar tu comida deliciosa.


Inglés Intermedio

Entre 20 y 45 años

Admite voluntarios solos, parejas y dúos

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

Programa detallado

We expect our volunteers to have strong communication skills as you are our eyes and ears to to health and well-being of the animals. You need to be able to learn and adapt as the shelter is an ever changing place with both animals and people coming and going. It can be chaotic, rewarding, stressful, fun, and an emotional place.
All volunteers need to come in with the understanding that this is a shelter and as such we have young and old, healthy and ill, friendly and unfriendly animals. We have even done hospice care for animals that would have died on the street. There are many animals so animal illness is not unheard of and we do our best to keep everyone happy healthy and safe, human and feline and canine. We are only as clean and as strong as our weakest volunteer, that includes Admin as well.

Actividades & Turnos

We have 3 shifts.
AM 9-2. This shift focuses on basic animal care such as walking the dogs, feeding all animals, giving meds, scooping/washing litter boxes and more of the same.
PM 4-9. This shift focuses more on cleaning of the animal rooms and their things (bowls, litter boxes, bed sheets. There is still some basic animal care that needs doing.
Mid 2-4. This shift is more of a house sitting shift. You recieve any packagaes that come in (could be for the animals or the humans of the house), make sure everyone is ok but mostly do your own thing without leaving the house/yard.


In no particular order:
-Shoes off inside. Please where house shoes, slippers or inside shoes.
-All volunteers home by 11pm unless previously discussed with Admin. We want to make sure everyone can get a good nights sleep before work the next day. You can of course stay awake as long as you like.
-No smoking inside. Please do so in the garden and clean up your butts.
-Clean up after yourself. It is a shared space so please be respectful.
-Absolutely, under no circumstances shall you abuse, neglect or bring harm to ANY animal.

Failure to follow to the rules will lead to warnings OR immediate dismissal.