Help with garden, painting, handyman + Yoga & self-development!

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Mi estadía fue todo un reto que disfrute bastante, la experiencia es más parecida a un retiro espiritual, practicando yoga, comiendo saludable y aprendiendo todo tipo de cosas entre trabajo y consejos útiles para la vida por parte de Mats.
Si quieres disfrutar de esta experiencia al máximo mi recomendación es que seas flexible, que vengas con muchas ganas de conocer una nueva cultura y provar nuevos platillos.

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Mats respondido

Mucha gracias amigo!
Translation: "My stay was a challenge that I enjoyed a lot, the experience is more like a spiritual retreat, practicing yoga, eating healthy and learning all kinds of things between work and useful tips for life from Mats. If you want to enjoy this experience to the fullest, my recommendation is that you be flexible, that you come with a great desire to know a new culture and try new dishes."



Great experience in Helsingborg with Mats!
Thank you for everything, it has been a great period of volunteering, to me it seemed to be like at home. I recommand this experience to everyone want to improve the language, know a different culture and also to be more efficent and learn some skills in kitchen ;). Keep it up, Mats! :)

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If you are a boy, yes

I’m 20 years old, it’s my first time in WorldPackers and I’m alone with an unknown old man
He talks about inappropriate topics and he loves to touch, and this the first day
I had to make an excuse to leave because I was afraid and he didn’t like me talking to my parents
In the other way, he tried to be very king and spend a lot of time with me

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Mats respondido

Miranda, I had no intention to make you feel uncomfortable, in fact I did everything to make you feel welcome, and I tried to calm you down when you said you were nervous, remember?

Yes, you are young, but still you should be aware of what worldpackers is all about.
When I travel I try to adjust to the customs in the country and home I am in, even if it makes me feel uncomfortable at first, and it's important to give people and places a chance before you judge them. That goes both ways. Hence the minimum of 3 weeks stay.

Our agreement for your 3 weeks stay, was to focus on self-development, experiencing Swedish culture and customs and that includes finding the best way to work together, managing insecurities, frustrations and fear by communicating.

Of course it's your choice to leave, but as a person who is giving the impression to be walking on the spiritual path, you should know that you cannot run away every time you feel uncomfortable...that is also contrary to the specific travel goal you wrote to me, ”to go out of your comfort zone and learn new things”, right?

What do you mean by "He talks about inappropriate topics"? Did you feel talking about yoga, energy and chakras are inappropriate topics?
"he didn’t like me talking to my parents"? I never said that! We were talking about the use of mobile phones, and being on-line constantly, not being present in the now...of course you need to keep your parents happy. Maybe you misunderstood because of language problems?

”he loves to touch”
I sounds as you feel that I was touching you in an inappropriate way, and that makes me sad.
Physical contact is a way of communicating, and from what I remember I only touched you while we were discussing... mainly to get your attention, a chance to say something,
because you were talking so much, and so loud. : )
If you think it had any other meaning you are so wrong, I saw you more as a ”daughter”, and treated you as I would any friend, male or female.

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