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I'm back for the second time, so adapting to the work was easy. The schedule matched my own plans and the location is great for travelers. Thank you for having me, 언니, see you soon again.

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You'll be here to work not just to hang out. But after training and understanding the nuances of the place and the host, things get smooth and easy to follow. 언니 sometimes actually feels like a Korean big sister. She even helped me with some (private) Korean stuff I was struggling to figure out by myself. And when there's an event I'd like to go to and know in advance, she makes sure to adjust the schedule around it so I can attend. There are also many local guests, so I also get to practice my Korean (with 언니 too). There's still a lot to learn but the practice is practice, right? :D

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So... i volunteered at other places before and this was the worst place I've ever worked. The other volunteers were amazing but the work was not fun! Hated it since the day I arrived. Was suppose to be there 2 months but left after 1.5 week, just like all the other volunteers. We all packed our bags and would rather pay for staying somewhere else than stay there. We tried to communicate with the host about maybe changing some small things to make it fun for everyone but she rather saw us leave than make the changes.

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