Urban Creativity Park in Naples: join the coolest team

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La experiencia

We intend to establish a flexible commitment with the volunteer and give him/her space and tools to develop themselves.

Some of the tasks you may be involved with (by way of example):
- participate in internal meetings;
- take care of the gardens;
- upload and creat content on our social media;
- assist in logistics and organizational aspects;
- organize tandem language exchange;
- organizing non formal activities for young people;

Que ofreces?

16 horas de ayuda por semana

Enseñanza de Idiomas: Enseñar un idioma al anfitrión, a los invitados o a las comunidades locales.

Artes: Pintura profesional, escultura o dibujo.

Trabajo Social: Ayuda como voluntario en proyectos locales y comunidades.

Cuota extra requerida

Valor: € 40 Por semana

Cuantía destinada a: Donaciones al proyecto

Descripción: Volunteers contribute 160 euro per month to cover lodging expenses (water, electricity, gas, waste tax, telephone and internet)

Lo que obtienes

3 dias libres por semana

Habitación compartida: Tendrás una cama en un cuarto compartido con otros viajeros.

Habitación del equipo: Tendrás una cama en un cuarto compartido con otras personas.

Desayuno: Tienes derecho a desayunos gratis cada día de tu estadía.

Puedes usar libremente nuestra lavandería.: Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.

Traslado: Te buscaremos cuando llegues y te llevamos a nuestro lugar.

Clases de idiomas: Toma clases de idiomas gratis en nuestro espacio.

Utilice nuestra cocina equipada: Siéntete libre de usar nuestra cocina y preparar tu comida deliciosa.


Inglés Intermedio o Italiano Intermedio

Entre 20 y 80 años

Admite voluntarios solos, parejas y dúos de voluntarios

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

Programa detallado

We are a group of active young people coming from a wide range of fields and areas. We expect from the volunteer to bring in ideas, experience and skills, whatever they may be. We intend to establish a flexible agreement that keeps in account personal needs and issues.

We expect the volunteers to have an open and committed involvement in the activities. Timing and tasks will be mutually agreed during meetings. We will offer guidance and mentoring for the entire period of staying.

You can have a look at our website to check out our latest projects: www.twoplustwo.eu

Actividades & Turnos

Urban Creativity Park, opening hours:

Mon - off
Tue - 10:00 / 18:00
Wed - 10:00 / 18:00
Thu - 10:00 / 18:00
Fri - 10:00 / 18:00

The schedule is flexible, and it is more task-related and goal-oriented rather than having established fixed weekly hours. Every week we organize meetings to share tasks and responsabilities.

Once a week volunteers will clean the gardens of the villa. Simple tasks like: pull up the weeds, clean the trails, collect things for recycling, etc.

The other days, volunteers will be asked to (non-exhaustive list):

- welcome guests in our headquartes;
- inform visitors about our activities;
- organize language tandem;
- prepare coffe/tea;
- write on our social media;
- build decorations for the park;

*** We encourage worldpackers to offer a class of their choice once a week


Be always respectful and we'll get along just fine :)

In the house, we expect the volunteer to help with the cleanings and take out the garbage. We usually collect some money to buy fresh veggies and other products for the people living in the house.