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4 Me conecté con la naturaleza

4 Desarrollé mi conciencia social

3 Mejoré mi Inglés

3 Me conecté con los habitantes

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I had a wonderful time at the moulin bleu! The house is beautiful and Bjarne & Suzette are great hosts. Just be aware that most of the time you are solely responsible for the house, as Bjarne and Suzette are not in France so often.

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I couldn't choose a better place in the world to start my Worldpackers experience! Bjarne and Suzete are amazing people. The hotel is beautiful and has a great structure. a great place for those who want to learn French, practice English and connect with nature. I loved it and I already want to go back! :)

hace 2 meses



I had the pleasure of staying at Moublin Bleu for five weeks and it was truly an amazing experience. First of all the place is an absolute pearl and the surroundings too. I had the pleasure of meeting Bjarne who was an amazing host and "boss". I write boss in quotations because they gave me so must trust and freedom under responsibility which I personally really liked. Christine and Toni which is the elderly couple who helps out at the house are sweet and kind people that will help you if any doubt. I practiced my french with Christine a lot :) All in all a perfect stay and dont doubt going!

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This has been an outstanding experience. It's such an amazing opportunity, because it gives you a chance to develop so many new skills. For the past few weeks I've been able to learn new things, practice my French and also visit great locations nearby. Also, Bjarne and his staff are very nice people, interesting and friendly. I could easily recommend this to anyone.

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Reino Unido


This is a really great experience for those who want to learn French and live in a beautiful hotel in the French countryside. Bjarne and Suzette are lovely hosts who are very trusting. Looking forward to returning as either a volunteer or even a guest!

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It was an amazing experience! The place is fantastic and beautiful just as the sorroundings. The owners as well as Christine are kind people always helpful. I would recommend it to anyone willing to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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This experience was much more than just a seasonal job to me, Bjarne taught me so many things that I am sure I will never forget, the hotel is even more beautiful in person and the surrounding areas are amazing, you really get in touch with nature, and there’s a river right next to you. I leave this place with mixed feelings because it is sad to leave but I am extremely happy for all the experiences and memories created here. Thank you B! Wish you the best forever 🍀

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