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Keeping the restaurant and hostel clean

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We need someone to take care of cleaning of our restaurant. Besides this you will also help the rest of team to make sure that the hostel is also spotless or take a shift at reception every now and then. This will take about 3 hours a a day (max 24 hours a week).

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In general the experience was good, I had a good time in the hostel and also enjoyed meeting the team. I had previous experience volunteering in other hostels and I can easily adapt to new environments and the everyday tasks. However, as a suggestion, I think that the manager has to work in providing a proper introduction to the activities, the hostel, and the expectations for the job. This could help to generate more commitment from the team and also a better experience in the hostel.

3 meses atrás


It was my first time as a worldpacker, and I was a bit scared before I went, but as soon as I arrived I was very well received by the team. The Odessa staff is amazing, just like Kim, I go out of there with the woman I met, as well as all the people she kept around, creating a great atmosphere of conviviality and work; the team were super cool to work together, we really turned all friends. I arrived in the middle of the festivals, so the work was also very intense. I do not know how to begin to explain in a few words, but if you are looking for a life experience I recommend Nijmegen.

5 meses atrás


Staying in the Barbarossa Hostel was a wonderful experience! The working hours were flexible and the work is pretty easy. The staff is nice and there's always someone avaliable to help when you need.
Nijmegen is a nice city to enjoy and helping at the hostel is an awesome way to spend your time there, giving and receiving! I definetly recommend it.
Thanks Kim, Costa and everyone else for the nice stay!

7 meses atrás


I stayed at Barbarossa for a month and it was amazing! The problems that happened were nothing other than regular, the staff is like family now, and the city is lovely! I highly recommend enjpying the balcony, the milkshakes at Kronkel and and a long walk at the beach! Barbarossa is definetly my home in the Netherlands (:

7 meses atrás


I spent a really good time at Barbarossa Hostel. Thanks a lot to Ben (who unfortunately had to leave), Marek, Constanza, Agustina and Raphael. Thanks also a lot to Kim and Joep who opened me their doors for me and to Jamie, Dominique and Bastian for the amazing food they gave me. Nijmegen is a great little town and also is the hostel.
I had to do a bit of reception and a bit of cleaning, but no matter what your task is, it is not hard and after that you can chill all day long in their facilities.
Thanks again for everything Barbarossa Team and good luck in the future.

11 meses atrás
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Barbarossa Hostel, situated in a 150 year old warehouse building, offers its guests stylish, peaceful and centrally located accommodation in the historic centre of Nijmegen. Located in a quiet square just off the main shopping street, the hostel makes a perfect base to enjoy the contemporary and youthful atmosphere the city has to offer. Nijmegen is located close to the German border in the province of Gelderland, and is the oldest city...

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