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People are very kind, the vibe is good and the hostel is spatious. There is also a lot of activities every week ; pubs crawl, thematic diner, movie night, etc. For the work, the job is realy easy and fast to learn ! It was my first experience with worldpackers and it couldn' t be better !

25 días atrás


A Casa D’Alagoa se tornou o meu lar desde o primeiro instante que coloquei os pés lá dentro. O trabalho foi bem esclarecido e os horários organizados. O trabalho é duro, mas bem recompensado. Uma dica: Se entregue com todo o seu coração, não adianta sair de casa para receber experiências incríveis sem se doar. Cada dia foi especial, e no final a parte mais difícil de todas foi deixar minha casa em Faro.
I love this place and all you guys, Lais, Faby, Rocky, Helena, Farah, Fernando, Isa, Vitinho, Orlando, Daniel, Diego, Nuno... I will never forget all the love I receive in Casa D’Alagoa ❤

3 meses atrás

Reino Unido

At the beginning of my stay I was not made to feel very welcome by some, there was some bitchy behaviour coming from some of the other female volunteers and staff that were already there and a cliquey environment to contend with. But everyone's experience is different and I wouldn't let that put you off because there is a new rotation of people all the time , I was just unlucky. All in all the hostel is a great place to experience Portugal and the guests are interesting and varied from all over the world .

3 meses atrás


Excelente todo! Unas de las mejores experiencias que tuve, muy lindo y comodo el hostel, el ambiente de trabajo es muy agradable y la gente con la compartí la experiencia fue amable y divertida, la verdad es que espero volver algun día... Gracias a todos ❤ especialmente a Nuno por darme la oportunidad de formar parte :) Gracias

4 meses atrás


I spent 1 month at Casa D'Alagoa and since the first week I felt like I was home. It's definetly a very sociable place "where you treat your friends like family". We had barbecue parties every Saturday, and sat together for dinner with guests everyday.

The cleaning work is hard, but fair, and since the vibe (of the staff and the other volunteers) is so good, you end up having fun while working. The night shift is easy to learn and usually calm.

This was a life-changing experience and I am totally grateful to everybody for the amazing time I lived there. I will miss you very much! <3

4 meses atrás


My time in Faro exceeded all my expectations! As a first time volunteer I couldn’t have picked a better hostel, it’s as close to a home away from home as you can get. The work is regimented but with such a good team and management, as I was lucky to have, it barely felt like work. I felt so looked after here and I will miss you all terribly!

5 meses atrás


Casa d'Alagoa definetely makes you feel like home !! The place is so cozy and also have an awesome atmosphere with a lot of activities during the week and weekends.
I had a wonderful time while volunteering. Meet a lot of people all around the world, guests and staff.
Thanks Rokas, Nuno, Diogo and all the staff that made this time more than special. Appreciated the opportunity very much.

6 meses atrás

Estados Unidos

So i was let go by this hostel. Not going to write a story about, but the issue was not just mine but the management too.hostel is really great though especially for the guests.Atmosphere is great,meeting ppl great, barbecues so awesome. What you get for your work is better than most places. Only bad thing was organization and communication with the current volunteer manager. Zero training, very poor communication, and tries to resolve issues with big group text messages, never face to face, which makes me wonder what he'd tell the owners about us. Disappointed it ended so unprofessionally.

7 meses atrás


I just can say that I had a great time while I was there . I was the chef and it was a pleasure for me to cook for the staff and guests alike . I did feel that I was cooking for family . I learned a lot and I had tons of fun ( speacially the days of te bbq ).

The people was lovely and I know I love the whole team dearly. I was actually sad the day I went away . I can’t wait to go back for another ( and longer ) season .

Special thanks to Rocky , Diogo , Nuno and Alexandra ( and of course all the staff and volunteers ) for making this experience a great one

7 meses atrás


I'm very happy i came to this hostel. It is a great house with good structure where we can hangout with guests and staff, cook, watch movies, make barbecue every saturday and enjoy the algarve region travelling around cheap! The atmosphere of the hostel is like a house and you will feel like you have a family here :)
Rokas and Alexandra will help you explaining the activities and all you need is to show interest and have initiative to have a great volunteer experience here.

7 meses atrás
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