Easy Job and Enjoy the Bay of Islands, New Zealand

El intercambio

Looking for someone to cook healthy meals in exchange for free place to stay. You don't have to be a professional chef...just average is fine. I prefer Asian, Mediterranean, Middle East or other ethnic foods. No heavy western foods. Vegetarian is fine. Position not available to couples.


10 Horas de ayuda por semana

Cocina: Prepara las comidas para los huéspedes.

Que obtienes

2 dias libres por semana

Habitación privada: Ten una habitación privada para relajarte por tu cuenta.

Desayuno: Obtén tu desayuno gratis, la comida más importante del día.

Almuerzo: El almuerzo gratis está servido para todos, consigue el tuyo!

Cena: Ten tu cena gratis antes de ir a dormir.

Lavandería gratis: Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.

Tours gratis: No te pierdas de nada! Obtén tours gratis y explora.

Excursiones gratis: ¡Mantén tus pies en movimiento y ejécitate un poco.

Tragos gratis: Bebe! Obtén tragos deliciosos y gratis para ti.

Traslado: ¡No te preocupes! Te buscamos sin costo para que llegues a nuestro lugar.

Clases de idiomas: Aprende o mejora tus conocimientos de idiomas.


Inglés Principiante

Entre 25 y 50 años

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

Programa detallado

I am living alone temporarily and I’m not motivated to cook proper meals just for my self. And when I do cook my meals are a bit boring and unhealthy. Having someone here to cook or cook together makes my life much more healthy and happy.

I love dishes from all over the world and I’m always interested in trying new foods.

Since we will be sharing the living space with cooking, eating, conversation, music, movies, sightseeing, etc, it's important that we enjoy being together. I have many guy friends with whom I do many projects and social activities, but I am not comfortable waking up in the morning to breakfast with a guy. Or spending the evening with a guy watching movies and conversation.

So I prefer to have a female visitor at least 25 years old (30 is better) who has had enough experience with real life that we can find things to talk about.

Please come and cook for me!

Actividades & Turnos

The most important meal is evening, but if you have something you want do I can take care of myself sometimes. Lunch is also nice, but depends on your other activities.. Breakfast is not a big deal. You can sleep late if you like. I'm very flexible.

If we get along very well, I am happy to show you around the area and do some outdoor activities together. Cooking is the main requirement but enjoying your company is also important.