Volunteer in the heart of South Sulawesi, Indonesia – Help teach English and Environmental awareness.

El intercambio

We wish for volunteers to help us teaching English and educate the students about the importance of having an awareness to keep the environment clean. (Cleaning out the backyard, painting, building a bottle window, etc);

Que ofreces

3 Horas de ayuda por día

Cuidado de niños: Encuentra un nuevo propósito en tu vida, educando y cuidando niños

Enseñar Deportes: Organiza y enseña diferentes deportes y actividades.

Enseñar Idiomas: Da clases de idiomas a huéspedes o en una comunidad local.

Que obtienes

2 dias libres por semana

Habitación privada: Ten una habitación privada para relajarte por tu cuenta.

Habitación compartida: Preparate para conocer gente mientras te alojas en una habitación compartida.

Habitación del equipo: Eres parte de un equipo! Conócelos en tu dormitorio.

Desayuno: Obtén tu desayuno gratis, la comida más importante del día.

Almuerzo: El almuerzo gratis está servido para todos, consigue el tuyo!

Cena: Ten tu cena gratis antes de ir a dormir.

Descuentos en tragos: Bebe! Obtén descuentos y pide un par de tragos.

Descuentos en tours: ¡No te pierdas de nada! Obtén descuentos y disfruta tu tiempo libre.

Descuentos en alojamiento: ¡Siéntete libre para explorar! Obtén descuentos en lugares amigos.

Lavandería gratis: Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.

Tours gratis: No te pierdas de nada! Obtén tours gratis y explora.

Excursiones gratis: ¡Mantén tus pies en movimiento y ejécitate un poco.

Traslado: ¡No te preocupes! Te buscamos sin costo para que llegues a nuestro lugar.

Clases de idiomas: Aprende o mejora tus conocimientos de idiomas.

Curso de permacutura: Únete a nuestro curso de permacultura y aprende cómo podemos cuidar nuestro planeta.


Inglés Intermedio o Inglés Fluído

Entre 18 y 50 años

Eres afuera de Indonesia

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

Programa detallado

English Program:
English classes are offered to students of all ages twice daily (3-6pm) 5 days per week (Mondays to Fridays). Currently we have on average 13 students per class. We currently have three English classes (1 Primary School class, 1 Beginners class, and 1 Intermediate class) that meet three times during the week. We hope to continue to grow our English classes so that we may offer more classes and be able to accept more students. All classes are taught by Faisal or volunteers, with the additional assistance of volunteer locals.

Environmental Program:
I believe it is important to do what we can to improve our environment. While parts of Indonesia have very strong environmental programs, here in Bajo in South Sulawesi Indonesia, we are just getting started.
Our first step to achieving our environmental goals, with the help of volunteers, has been to educate our student

Actividades & Turnos

Our volunteers teach the students between Monday to Friday and then have their weekends to discover the beautiful locations around Luwu, Indonesia.

But apart from teaching the rest of the day is up to you really. Help as much as you want or feel like. We love sharing our knowledge and Indonesian cultures.

A daily routine could consist of:

~waking up from breakfast in the morning;
~If not to hot (maybe) helping with some chores (cleaning out the backyard, painting, building a bottle window, etc);
~help prepare lunch (if you are interested);
~ rest/read a book/play with the family/ chat in the afternoon;
~prepare for the afternoon lessons;
~teach from 3pm – 5pm;
~help prepare dinner (if interested).


In Indonesia, around 80% of the population Muslim. To respect our way of living, it would be nice if you:

~we pray five times a day, the first is a dawn (about 5am). The call to prayer may wake you up but you don’t need to start your day then.
~Indonesian people generally get up very early and sleep in the heat of the day
~people in the area don’t see a lot of foreigners so will call out hello, ask for pictures and want to practice speaking English with you.
~wear T-Shirts instead of top tanks, when you leave the house (rule for women)
~wear skirts or trousers that cover your knees (rule for women)
~bring your hygienic products, you can’t buy absolutely everything here (tampons,…)
~we don’t drink alcohol
~it is always quite hot (20 – 35 degrees C)
~the raining season is from November to April, so bring a rain jacket.