How Worldpackers works: the complete guide

Worldpackers is a collaborative platform that connects you with hosts around the world where you can travel exchanging your skills for accommodation.

Whether it’s saving on your trip, immersing yourself in a local culture or developing new skills, you can use Worldpackers during your vacation time, backpacking trip or even taking a gap year. There are hostels, inns, NGOs, communities and ecological projects that you can help with and in exchange receive free stay, food and other benefits.

There are more than one million travelers and hosts from 170 countries that are part of our community!

How Worldpackers works: the complete guide

  1. Work Exchange with Worldpackers

    Stay in hostels or in family homes around the world exchanging skills for accommodation. Live with people from all over the world and learn new languages.

  2. Volunteer abroad with Worldpackers

    Help NGOs, social projects and communities around the world and make a difference on your next trip.

  3. Booking your trip with Worldpackers

    Learn step by step how to secure your trip. Create your profile, choose your host, and apply for the position and pack your bags!

  4. Planning your trip

    Learn how to plan for your trip, calculate travel costs and prepare your itinerary.

  5. The Worldpackers experience

    Learn how to use the volunteer experience to get to know yourself better, develop new skills and come back a different person after your trip.

  6. Get inspired

    First time traveling alone? Travelers in the community share their experiences to give you that little push.

¿Cómo funcionan los viajes Worldpackers?

Con los planes WP Trips y WP Pack, puedes contactar a los anfitriones de tu elección y viajar de forma segura con la frecuencia que desees.

Step 1

Postúlate para todas las vacantes de voluntariado que desees

Step 2

Chatea con los anfitriones y haz preguntas sobre la oportunidad

Step 3

Consulta la documentación necesaria si deseas ir al extranjero

Step 4

Si eres aprobado, confirma tu viaje en la plataforma

Step 5

Prepárate ¡Empaca y viaja como un local!

Step 6

Después de la experiencia, tú y el anfitrión pueden dejar comentarios

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