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  • Edad: 32
  • Nacionalidad: Brasil
  • Idiomas: Portugués, Español y Inglés

Experiencias de Voluntariado

Experiencia en Estados Unidos

Hostel San Diego, Estados Unidos Aug/2018

Promotor de Fiestas, Tareas Domésticas, Cocina y Limpieza

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Reseña hecha por Marcos

My experience there was awesome. Maryanne is a great manger and make everything to give people a good experience. Hands up for the volunteers team =) I was doing reception mostly, working 3 day a week. On Saturday I could run the Tijuana Tour and make some extra money. Summer season can be busy, but no worries. If you like party, welcome to right place. Thanks ITH!

ITH respondió

Marco! It was awesome to have your energy here at Hostel! You were always smiling and laughing among the guests and staff, and your Tijuana Tour was very well reviewed! Thank you for all of your photos and shares and promotion for our hostel as well! We welcome you to return anytime to say hey! Cheers Marco!

Experiencia en Bélgica

Hostel Antwerp, Bélgica Sep/2016

Recepción, Fotografía, Turno Nocturno y Limpieza

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Was a delight having Marcos around! Always in a good mood, social with the guests, and always ready to help out. Marcos is defintely always welcome with us!

  • Socialización

Reseña hecha por Marcos

ASH is a good place to be in Belgium and Europe. The city is great and a have a good time with other volunteers! Just Go! Thanks for all ASH Staff!

Experiencia en Suiza

Hostel Interlaken, Suiza Aug/2016

Limpieza, Tareas Domésticas y Turno Nocturno

Balmers staff 2015
Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Marco is a very professional hard working person. Although he didn't come for social media and photos (we already had the position filled) he did so much and helped us a lot. He was probably the most responsible hard working backpacker we have had so far. I really recommend Marcos and we hope to work with him again in the future!

  • Responsabilidad
  • Socialización
  • Proactividad
  • Compromiso

Reseña hecha por Marcos

Don't think twice to apply for any position in Balmers. Will be really difficult to find a better hostel to stay/work on WorldPackers. Interlaken + Balmers offers you a lot of fun, good people, good food, all the best to enjoy trip. Lara is the best person to work with, thanks for all the support and opportunities that you gave to me. I will never forget it. PUT BALMERS ON THE TOP OF YOUR WISH LIST! =) Vai ser difícil encontrar um albergue melhor para trabalhar aqui no World Packers. Para os amigos brasileiros, APENAS VÁ! Tschüss Marcos Vaz

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Nascido e criado no Rio de Janeiro, começou com apenas um celular e uma Gopro, o que acabou virando uma profissão. Paralelamente às viagens, realiza workshops com foco em estratégias de conteúdo para redes sociais e já treinou mais de 1000 alunos.


  • Portugués
  • Inglés
  • Español


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I have a Civil Engineering in Brazil.

Experiencia laboral

I worked as an intern in civil construction for four years. And to complement my budget, I already sold food supplements, GoPro gadgets and clothes.

I am currently studying and working with digital marketing. I have my product Instagram Marketing sale on the internet and make some income as an affiliate and consulting.

And my next step is to increase the range of my travel content and inspire other Brazilians to travel more.

Experiencia de viaje

In the last 6 years I made many trips, most as a backpacker. I've visited 5 of the 6 continents and I've made friends around the world.

I do not have a favorite type of trip. My kind of travel is meeting people, visiting amazing places and exchange experiences.