Worldpackers' recommendations for our community

We value the health and safety of our travelers and hosts above all else. Here are our additional recommendations given the global situation:

Take care of yourself and everyone around you by following the World Health Organization's advice for the public.
Stay informed and up-to-date on the latest recommendations and restrictions regarding travel. If you’re already on the road, follow the recommendations provided by the country you're in and read up on your next destination.
If you've already arranged a host position, talk to them to see if it's still confirmed. If you need to cancel a trip, please do it officially through the Worldpackers platform (either the app or website).
If you’re a Worldpackers host and have confirmed trips with one or more travelers to start soon, contact these travelers to confirm that they are healthy and will be able to arrive safely. If you can no longer host them, let them know in advance so they can plan accordingly. Don’t forget to record any cancellations through the Worldpackers platform.
If you’re a Worldpackers host and plan to recruit volunteers safely during this time, we recommend offering longer stays in order to avoid turnover.

Together, we will get through this. Take care of your health and take all precautions necessary to prevent the further spread of this virus. This too shall pass, and if we take the appropriate actions now, we can come back as a stronger, more united world. Please be kind, caring, and empathetic. Stay safe and healthy. We're here for you.


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