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Patty Pratt @pattypratt

How to plan and kickstart your dream trip

Hi, my name is Patty! For nearly a year, I've been solo-traveling the world while volunteering with Worldpackers. I have explored 6 countries and completed 5 different Worldpackers experiences so far. Along the way, I've learned how to make traveling stress-free & budget-friendly, and I'll be sharing my tips so you can start following your dreams & planning your trip as well!

Lexi @lovelivingtravelling

Maximizing Long-Term Travel: Saving and Earning Strategies

Hey, I'm Lexi! I've been on the road full-time for almost 3 years. I've taken on 7 volunteering gigs all around the world. I started from scratch and built this entire travel lifestyle on my own. I'm really passionate about showing people that they can live this life too!


Miriam @travesiademiriam

How to Become a Digital Nomad

Hi, I'm Miriam from Travesía de Miriam. For years I've searched for opportunities to travel and explore the world and over a year ago, I decided to take the plunge into the adventure of being a full-time traveler. I've learned new tools that have helped me throughout my journey, and I want to share them with you!

Denish León @denish001

How to Plan Your Trip from Scratch

I'm Denish. I've been traveling solo for over 7 years, exploring 30 countries and participating in 4 volunteer programs. Now, I want to share my travel planning method so you can travel more with less!


Gabu Dutra @noplansfortmr

How to Use Travel to Find Your Purpose

Hi, I'm Gabu! In 2022, I quit my job to travel solo around the world for a year. The only plan was to live without plans, letting serendipity show me the right path. On this journey, I found not only the way but also my purpose. Today, I continue to travel without plans, inspiring people to find their purpose too!

Milena Cordeiro @voamills

Step-by-step Guide to Calculate Your Travel Budget

I've been traveling solo for 2 years, completed 11 volunteering gigs with Worldpackers, and explored 14 countries in that time. For me, volunteering is more than just saving money, even though that's how it all started. I get what it's like to have a tight budget and big dreams. Shall we figure out together how much you need for your trip or what kind of adventure you can plan with your budget? Ready to dive in?

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