How to make sure a volunteer will show up?

The solution: Trip Confirmations!

What's a Trip Confirmation?

A Trip Confirmation demonstrates a traveler confirms his stay and you've reserved a position to host him as a volunteer on a specific Volunteer Position and arrival and departure date. It's an official agreement that you both understand and are commited to what you have agreed in conversation.

How does it work?

How it works 1

Let's say Anna is interested in helping you out. When she applies to one of your Volunteer Positions we collect her payment info to confirm her commitment in traveling.

How it works 2

When you're sure you want to host Anna, pre-approve her stay on specific arrival and departure dates by hitting "I want to host Ana as a volunteer".

How it works 3

If Anna is 100% sure she can travel on those dates, she’ll accept your pre-approval and Confirm the Trip!

How it works 4

After that, you both will have an official agreement and Anna pays the Worldpackers fee. If she declines it, no charge is made and you can continue to chat to rearrange dates.


The Trip Confirmation is very useful because it's an agreement. By confirming with a host, volunteers show their commitment and feel safe their position is reserved. Formerly, we simply confirmed via email and the agreement was very superficial.

Not convinced yet?

A Trip Confirmation is the only way you get Reviews and Recommendations to attract even more awesome volunteers. Take a look at how this works below:

Recommend 1

Tom confirms his trip. You have agreed on arrival and departure dates.

Recommend 2

After Tom leaves your place, you will both Review each other.

Recommend 3

If you had an awesome experience together, Tom will recommend you to fellow travelers.

Recommend 4

When new travelers are searching for hosts, the more recommendations you have, the better you'll be ranked on our search results.

Tell me more! Tell me more!

Check out Hostel Ô de Casa from São Paulo, Brazil. They've done a pretty cool job getting recommended by volunteers they hosted.

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Ô de Casa Hostel

São Paulo, Brazil

When travelers are searching, Ô de Casa Hostel has an awesome recommended ribbon attracting more volunteers!

On Ô de Casas's profile, travelers can see who recommended it.

Img 0019

The experience was great! Better than my expectations! The hostel is very cozy and fun and the stuff is super relaxed and willing to help. Location is super cool, close to e everything. Totally recommend it!

Marilia, 19 days ago

They can also read their reviews, making a decision to apply to Ô de Casa Hostel way easier!