How to attract the right volunteer to help you out?

The solution: Volunteer Positions!

What's a Volunteer Position?

A Volunteer Position is an opportunity you offer to travelers in exchange for accommodation. You can create as many positions as you need to show volunteers the different tasks they can help you out with when applying to your place.

How does it work?

How it works 1

Let's say you always need two volunteers to help you out. One who looks after reception and general tasks and the other taking awesome photos and improving your social media channels.

How it works 2

So, you need to create two Volunteer Positions. The first for Reception and general tasks (e.g. Housekeeping and Kitchen Hand). And the second for Photography and Social Media.

How it works 3

When volunteer Anna, a social media expert, checks your profile out, she'll see both positions and apply to the one where she's a better fit. Meanwhile, Bob, a jack of all trades, applies to the other position.

How it works 4

When you receive Anna and Bob's messages, you'll see the positions they're interested in and they'll know exactly what you expect from each of them! Beautiful!

What are my options for each position?

Recommend 1

For each position, choose which skills you need to show the volunteers what they'll be doing.

Recommend 2

Each position may have a different time to stay, hours of help, days off and availability.

Recommend 3

Filter which volunteers can apply to your place according to your requirements (languages, age, etc.)

Recommend 4

Write a description to show what makes the position so unique and exciting that travelers can't miss out.

Check out how it looks like!

Here's one of the volunteer positions folks over Trip & Sleep from Servia created.

Experience Serbia and the best nightlife in Southeast Europe!

Belgrade's nightlife is considered the 2nd best in the world by NatGeo. If you are a social freak, creative traveler and have a healthy apetite for partying - you are coming to the right place. You will be taking awesome pictures, fun videos and writing articles about Belgrade's hot spots and the Serbian culture. Experience one of the most exciting countries in the Balkan Penninsula. Make it fun, make it Belgrade!

Taking great photos.
Video Making
Creating digital videos.
24 hours / week
Days off
3 days off
Required Languages
Intermediate English


Stay at least
1 week
Stay up to
3 weeks