3BE Backpackers Bed and Breakfast

There is something for everyone here!
In short, this is how we describe our hostel and Eindhoven’s lively centre.

We are two friends, Franklin and Michel, running a beautiful hostel and making of this an extension of our lives, what means have our pets around is included; Roos our lovely dog, Mrs. No Balls an incredible black and white cat, a turtle and a bird.

Our hostel is equipped with everything our guests might need. Our own years of experience backpacking around the Netherlands and abroad mean that we know what is important when it comes to comfort and service.

Our location in the centre of Eindhoven means that everything is within easy reach. The Parktheater and the Van Abbe museum are within walking distance. It takes just 5 minutes to reach the modern centre of Eindhoven, a student area with its many shops, restaurants, bars not to mention the beautiful landscape that you meet along the way.

Take a look at our pictures in order to get a feel for the atmosphere in our hostel. And maybe you will want to become a volunteer, too.
We look forward to seeing you at 3BE!
Michel and Franklin

We are our own staff, what makes the work daily pretty busy but we always have time to spend with guests. We love to welcome travelers and help them to get the best of Eindhoven and the Netherlands` culture.

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My experience at 3BE backpackers was incredible, I made new friends and got to know Eindhoven's culture a little more. The atmosphere between the volunteers and the hostel itself was very relaxed and friendly. Michael and Franklin were very welcoming and explained what had to be done. The city itself is beautiful and peaceful. I would definitely recommend this place if you want to get to know Eindhoven and have a great experience.

-There's also a turtle (Donatello), he's really cool.

about 1 month ago

United Kingdom


I had a great time at 3BE, it’s a very friendly and relaxed environment. I have definitely made some amazing friends here. Michel and Franklin are very welcoming and explain everything that needs to be done in good detail. There are nice parks nearby to chill in. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking to explore Eindhoven and surrounding areas!

about 2 months ago



About the routine: the tasks are not hard, but they require attention to details and some of them have an specific order to be executed. Also, the volunteers can make their own schedule and choose their two-days off (perfect to plan small trips or just relax in some of the many parks nearby ♥).

The accommodation: shared room (it has three bunks, TV, sofa, big table & terrace); kitchen & laundry are exclusive for volunteers & staff.

I spent 12 weeks at the hostel 3BE, I'd definitely recommend it to those who wish new experiences, friends and personal growth!

about 2 months ago



It is a great opportunity to meet people from different cultures, there is a very good atmosphere among the volunteers, and the work is enjoyable.

It's also very good for improving your English and Dutch if you want.

3 months ago



3BE Backpackers was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Eindhoven is a great city to explore and a good place to travel around the country and the hostel is very well located. The tasks are simple and easy and you have a lot of free time during the day.

The best part of the volunteering was getting to know all the volunteers and spending time with them (I miss you so much!)

Thanks to Franklin and Michel for this amazing time! :)

4 months ago

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