Abdul House

We are looking for volunteers for language and cultural exchange here in Dar.es Tanzania My family and I welcome you to stay with us while we practice languages. I'm doing an internship in certain tourism company and my intention is to understand and speak more language as much as I can!

We are very kind people and charming, we will welcome you with all our heart come and visit. Zanzibar is a conservative, Sunni Muslim society. Its history was influenced by the Arabs, Persians, Indians, Portuguese, British and the African mainland. Stone Town is a place of winding lanes, circular towers, carved wooden doors, raised terraces and beautiful mosques. Important architectural features are the Livingstone house, the Guliani Bridge, and the House of Wonders. The town of Kidichi features the hammam (Persian baths), built by immigrants from Shiraz, Iran during the reign of Barghash bin Said.

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