Come and meet travellers from all over the world while tasting the best beers (even oir own craftbeer) in the best atmosphere! We re in the arty part of Antwerp, a lot of young people live here. So a lot of things going on, small festivals, live gigs, free yoga in the park, bbq s,....

We are travellers ourselves,... We live above the hostel with our sons. So our hostel is more like a big family. We re always here to help with wathever you need. We only take travellers as volunteers, so we remain the good vibe :)

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Muy atento siempre, con espacio para los viajeros, responde súper rápido y atiende todas las dudas que tengas, la ciudad es muy bonita.

4 days ago


This was my first experience and it was great! I learned A LOT. Tasks are easy and shifts are fair enough: check ins, cleaning, serving breakfast, giving city info to guests and socializing with them. You will also learn to run a bar! and about beers of course! So follow the tasks (which are clearly set on paper) according to your shift and pay attention to details. When in doubt about anything, ask Birgit & Greg and they will help you out. The best part is all the amazing people I met there <3 Volunteers, guests & owners. Thank you B&G for the opportunity, I loved the experience :)

about 1 month ago


I learnt a lot here. You' ll be doing different duties that make the hostel work. Everything is on you. You'll be working hard in your hours. That means you need a lot of energy to manage everything and do it right. There is no place to make a mistake. For those who are looking an organize place, this is perfect. You have a daily routine with different activities to do, and everything is organize on time. The hostel is big and very cozy. Make sure that you know were are you going.It's really important to like the enviroment to have a nice experience around here and share that wth the guests!

about 1 month ago

Birgit replied

Yamile, are you sure this is your abhostel review. You said we were like your parents to you. You were one of our children. You said the work was really easy. You said it was so nice we were always there to help. You said it was soooo great,... our hostel is really small,... we thought you loved it, you even said you re dream was to open the same hostel in Argentina! And yes it was really nice you were always sharing your lovely experiences with our great guests!


My experience in AB hostel was awesome, it was exactly that I needed. The place is super cozy, the owners help you to improve and the staff was marvelous. This people became in my family really fast! AB hostel is a hostel for backpackers and the atmosphere is great, you can make friends faster and learn about hospitality. If you like to help people and make them like home while you working relaxing this is your place! The hours of work are really fair and the tasks are easy, you need to pay attention in details. Thank you Birgit and Greg for receive me in this beatiful place!

2 months ago


Amazing experience in the Flemish region. Cozy and fun at the same time. Acceptable working hours and small staff team which makes a family atmosphere with lots of facilities in the hostel that helps to save money. Nice for learning a lot about beers, languages, study and easily take day trips to the nearby cities with the nicest people you will meet in town. Dank je wel B&G, tot ziens!

3 months ago

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