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We are non profit foundation established in Ghana promoting the lives of children most especially less privileged ones like ophans,homeless children and single parents. Currently we run a major charity school with about 145 children and 3 more community schools.Our program also support single mothers and unemployed youn people offering them skills for self employment in the rural areas of Ghana.

We have been working with lot of volunteers so far and as a volunteer,you should expect to be treated just like part of us in our family.There is no difference,whatever we do,you also do the same and the culture here in Ghana is very great.


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Accepted on May, then the director (Alfred) told me they had a partner selling cheaper tickets. I contacted 1 volunteer who bought, we talked, I sent the money to Alfred. 1 week before the travel (Aug 10) he asked for more, I sent, total of $1,600 for tickets. He would take my visa there.Said the visa was denied twice. Aug 23 I asked the refund, ‘til today (Oct 31) I didn’t receive it, lot of excuses/no receipts. To volunteer I quit my job, postponed my doctorate, gave my dog, living on my aunt’s waiting to solve it. The institution is great and you could enjoy, but that was/are my experience.

over 2 years ago



Hola. Hello.

This was an amazing experience, I spent the greatest time there, I was teaching the class 3 they are girls and boys around 8 years old, we were learning science maths and specially English, Ghana has over 60 languages but the official is English so is very important the kids learn it very well, on Have the language is Ewe but everyone speaks English very well, when I decided to go I sent the money for my plane tickets and he got them for me and he sent his cousin to pick m up at the airport at 2am, a very great girl.

I really recommend this experience.

over 3 years ago



A great experience and a different way to know a country and its people. It has been a pleasure working with the children in school and living with a local host family. I definitely recommend it!

about 4 years ago

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