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Volunteers from all around the world felt in love with our paradise islands, the most beauty natural beaches directly below the Adventure Hill as well the many hot spots around. We go on tour with our donkey Hercules, who can carry our stuff, sometimes even by boat from & with friends ...and also the work on treehouses and more is fun. Live the adventure of your life!

We are an little international known team of social workers and scouts. You can profit of our many years of experiences outdoor, with animals as well in team management. ***Note: This is a social project. Family support, animal wellfare & nature conservation. We all do social work on a voluntary, unpaid basis. You can learn a lot if you are attentive and respectful. You also get the greatest freedom of action if you are reliable and independent. We share the food costs. 5€ daily. Therefore we also share nature paradise and all we have (knowledge, & equipment), we show you some of the most beauty beaches, little islands and much more as you can read in our reviews & info email.*** ***We had many good people in the last years (see our reviews), this year also some crazy lazy ones. NOTE: The Adventure Hill is not only to hang around and overall not for "drug kids". Energy vampires and narcissists we will not longer accept - and send them away.*** If you show respect you can enjoy the time of your life.


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Incredible moments at Adventure Hill. Christian was an excellent host. At first it was a little difficult to communicate but by talking we arrived at ONLY SOLUTIONS! Contact with nature is total. I met exceptional people and places. The tasks are easy, you just have to listen to the instructions well. I hope to return in the future to see the progress on the construction projects. GOOD VOLUNTEERING.

about 1 month ago



I had a fantastic time at the Adventure Hill! I ended up staying longer than originally planned. A project rooted in living in tune with nature, and the future plans for the project is very exciting. Christian showed me a lot of beautiful places near by. Diving with the fish at the pool of mermaids, and jumping from a cliff at a beautiful beach. I met amazing people and got experiences I will remember for a lifetime. I’m exited to see the progress of the project. I will definitely return! Thank you for everything!

about 2 months ago



The time in Adventure Hill was life changing! We needed a little bit of time to adapt in to a new lifestyle but when we did it was hard to say goodbye. It was really amazing to meet and create a such a strong bond with other volunteers from all around the world. Christian is also an understanding person, who tries as best as he can to create the place and experience at Adventure Hill even more unforgettable. If you want to reconnect with nature, understand and learn what truly and actually matters to you, this is a place to do so!

about 2 months ago



Social projects promote a sense of community.. you need to share and live together and a leader is essential, which is what is missing there, however I enjoyed my time here, but you need an open and mature mind, with the idea that not even the basic needs of a human being are covered, but if your intention is to learn, there is always something to do! Don't expect to do things to get something in return, Christian is a person with very good intentions but difficult to deal with some people, we are all from different cultures, nothing should be taken personally but respect is essential.

3 months ago

Eco replied

We are glad that you had a good time. As you can read in our over 200 reviews (4.9 on average) across multiple platforms, hundreds of families and young people had the time of their lives - *especially thanks to Christian*. After so many extraordinary compliments, he humble asked the helpers to stop highlighting him in the reviews, better to describe the adventure trips and construction projects. Now it is of course good that everyone can read that 97% of the arrivals appreciate his special hospitality, his careful dedication, great experiences and special contacts all around Sicily.
Because this summer Christian had the toughest job ever as team manager:
The most spoiled, unmindful and disrespectful bunch of kids in his 20 years of social work.
*He is easy*, it depends on how you behave towards him and, above all, towards others & yourself. The last 2 month he had to care from early in the morning until late evening that everybody stayed safe!
You probably didn't recognize, nor most of the others, how many times tools (knives, machete, axes...) lied everywhere on the ground. After the people left he found even sleeping bags & matresses in the mud. (We got horrible pics.) Not to talk about the mood of some drug addicted Narcissists! In the future those people have to leave, even better they dont show up. - We will care better, for Christian and the Eco Adventure family.
If you show respect you earn respect.
You are welcome back at the Adventure Hill and our eco friendly tours around the islands & worldwide.
All the best!



Adventure Hill was an amazing experience!

It is important to say that eventhought it is not for everybody,(you are sleeping on a tent and the toilet is literally a bucket ) for me was one of the best experiences of my life. People from all around the world were coliving and sharing everything. I absolutly loved the great people I met there. It was not really great organized as Christian was really busy and had back pain so he couldnt be with us much. This was my first experience but surely not my last. I love you all.

3 months ago

Eco replied

Hello Sara, it's a pleasure that you enjoyed your time.
More than my back pain, I was busy organizing (mostly in the background) everyday life for so many others who were unable to listen and did not respect the simple rules. In the future such people have to leave immediately. Than the mood will be better.
The biggest “pain” I felt for them afterwards when they even continued to spread negative energy. Sad for them, I believe in karma. The more you give the more you get.
It's a shame that some people couldn't appreciate what they received and didn't learn much during their time here. I'm glad you did - and do still.
In the future you will also be warmly welcomed at the Adventure Hill as well on tours.
All the best on your way of life!

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