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Our farm is in Motrone, a hilltop village placed 8km away from civilization (thank goodness) and the area where we are In September and October we are preparing for the Chestnut harvest and processing into flour using ancient methods see our video

We are hardworking enthusiastic team that love nature and people and love getting back to the basics and to agriculture that was practiced many many years ago, hours depend on the seasons and what we are doing, planting and harvesting are very busy but enjoyable, winter very quiet For those who get involved enthusiastically in our farm and lifestyle we treat volunteers like members of our family and encourage them to stay long term after a short (both ways) trial period For time off there is a bus service that leaves our village at 7 am on Tuesday and Friday . I arrange a pick up for volunteers off the 17:20 train at our local train station which is 35 minutes drive away.


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Jenny and Geoff have worked very hard to build their self-sufficient farming enterprise. They work hard all day long and expect the same from the volunteers. Jenny and Geoff are looking to create a family farm environment which means that everyone helps with all the work- from cooking meals and cleaning up afterwards to working in the field and harvesting and preserving the food. Everyone is expected to pitch in where needed.
Meals are a time to sit down together and share which is a wonderful thing.

7 months ago

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I was at this location for a week. Jenny was kind and a good teacher. I left early due to the disorganization, communication styles, and expansive hours. The location is beautiful but I found the rules challenging. You must monitor your volume and expectations around free time. In respect to Italy you have 1 day off but there is limited transportation. Work days are long and inflexible. Privacy is limited and passive aggressive to aggressive aggressive communication is the norm. Meal topics were politics, money, and religion. I felt more like an employee than a volunteer. It was not for me.

10 months ago

Jenny replied

We feel that this is a very very unfair review from someone who promised to stay a month and after a few days wanted to leave without really giving us and the wonderful environment a fair chance

My profile tells it all !

We we want volunteers to feel and more importantly WANT to be part of the family .... unfortunately Jessica was not one of these...

We wish her well and the peace she is looking for that she mentions in her profile .

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